10 Facts About 18Kt Gold You Need to Know NOW!

Ever wondered what is 18Kt gold? How is it different from 24kt gold? Have you ever been skeptical about the quality of 18Kt gold, its purity and the durability? Wondered why it is cheaper in cost and light in weight? Worry not, we’ve got all the answers lined up for you! Read on …

#Fact 1 – What is ‘Kt’?

Spelling it out – The ‘Kt’ in the 18Kt, 14Kt, 22Kt or 24Kt stands for ‘karat’. A unit that measures the purity and quality of gold. So, higher the karat, higher would be the percentage of gold.

Point to note: Karat is NOT same as Carat. While Karat is a unit to measure purity of gold, Carat is a unit of mass used to measure diamonds and gemstones.

#Fact 2 – What’s the Percentage?

Let’s do the math – 18Kt contains 75% gold mixed with 25% of alloyed metal. 24Kt is almost 100% pure gold, while 14Kt is 58% gold with 42% mix of alloyed metals.

18kt has a composition of gold and alloyed metal mixed together – this makes it – more durable, perfect for everyday use, less prone to scratches and cheaper.

#Fact 3 – Why the mix?

This mix is actually a fix! The gold-alloy metal mix is done to add more strength and solidity. 24kt gold is very soft for fine jewellery and hence, not ideal for everyday use. Jewellers too, don’t prefer working with 24Kt or 22Kt, as the metal becomes too ductile for detailed design or finer pieces.

#Fact 4 – How does it look?

Like a mellower yellow version! That is, 18Kt isn’t as bright as 24Kt gold. So, if you want to opt for a subtler yellow and a less-jarring pair of jewellery, 18Kt and 14Kt is your best option.

#Fact 5 – How to find out?

Easy peasy – look at the brightness, colour tinge, or simply around the insides/or discrete parts of the jewellery. Most jewellers engrave/stamp the karats in there. You’ll either see the  18Kt, 750, or 0.75 mark. The 75 stands for the 75 percent of gold, obviously!

#Fact 6 – What’s the cost?

Easier on the pocket, we’d say. 18Kt is definitely cheaper than its counterparts – 22Kt and 24Kt gold. But, having said that, since 18Kt can be fashioned into intricate jewellery, the craftsmanship in certain cases might add to the overall cost. But, all in all, 18Kt is definitely a better deal!

#Fact 7 – How Many Colours?

It is literally a rainbow of options – well, almost! Since 18Kt is mixed with 25 percent of alloyed metal, it can, therefore, acquire the colour of the metal mixed with it, along with its already regular bright yellow.

The 18Kt Colour Recipe:

– Copper + Gold = Pink/Rose Gold
– Zinc/Silver + Gold = Green Gold
– Nickel/Palladium + Gold = White Gold
– Zinc/Copper + Gold = Yellow Gold

#Fact 8- How to care?

A piece of cake! Yeah, 18Karat Karat gold is for daily use with minimal maintenance. Take a cotton swab, dip it in lukewarm water mixed with mild detergent and wipe your jewellery clean. It’s that simple.

#Fact 9 – What goes with diamonds?

Oh! you are gonna like this because the answer is – 18Kt gold. Yup, almost all the jewellery that has diamonds and gemstones on it are made using 18Kt gold only. Why? because unlike 22Karat, 18Karat gold is hard enough to handle and hold diamonds. That is, 18K gold is not as soft as 24 and 22Karat, which makes it easy to design!

#Fact 10 – Where to buy?

Bingo – you are already at the right place! At Melorra, all our diamond and gemstones jewellery is made out of 18Karat. Apart from that, for any jewellery that you choose, you choose for it to be made in 18Kt gold.

Hope these quick facts cleared your 18Kt confusion. So, what’s the wait?

Buying gold isn’t that big a deal.

It’s just like any other shopping you do, like picking an outfit from your favourite brand! But, the difference? unlike the rest – Gold is gonna last forever!

Happy shopping to you!

10 Facts About 18Kt Gold You Need to Know NOW!
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10 Facts About 18Kt Gold You Need to Know NOW!
10 Facts About 18Kt Gold You Need to Know NOW!
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