10 Gold Jewellery Styles for This Festive Season…And Beyond!

We’re way into the festive season and the lights have already gone up! Shopping is in progress and the sweet treats all set to go (with half of them in our tummy). But when it comes to jewellery, there are still some doubts and let’s face it, we Do want something special. That too, something we can wear every day! Something Gold! 😉 Otherwise, what’s the point?

So this season, UnTradition! Just like us!

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or for your BFF, it’s time to pick fine jewellery that’s trendy, minimal and suitable for every day. Whether it’s a gold piece to pair with your blazer or maxi skirt, there’s one for all. So here are some styles that you can go for:

#1. The Messy Affair Gold Bracelet that works for your house party to a brunch plan.

gold jewellery

#2. The Modestly Mod Gold Ring for all those coffee runs!

gold jewellery

#3. The Dark Damask Gold Necklace for that oh-so-sweet cupcake you baked for the first time!

gold jewellery

#4. The French Finesse Gold Ring for all your casuals – shrugs, stoles and sweaters!

gold jewellery

#5. The Prep Reboot Earrings and Tube Play Ring – your perfect winter addition!

gold jewellery

#6. The Quirky Vibes Gold Pendant for all your Friday Casuals!

gold jewellery

#7. Monday blazers? The Minimal Mode Earrings and Basics Redefined Pendant is the ideal power suit addition!festive season trendy jewellery

#8. The Extra Extravagant Gold Ring for a stack up or just a minimal add-on for your sequin dress!

gold jewellery

#9. Add a little colour to your LBD! Include the Feather Flight Enamel Necklace for all those solid shades

enamel necklace

#10. The OTT Fantasy Bracelet made for your holiday trips!

gold jewelleryWhether it’s about adding colour to that sequin dress or an all-black attire, add gold that you can wear after the festive season too. A piece that not only goes with your style but does it fabulously! So take your pick!

Choose from 5000+ trendy designs from our catalogue here!

While you’re here, do check out some unique and budget-friendly festive season earrings gifting ideas!

Gift gold jewellery this festive season (to yourself)! #UnTradition
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Gift gold jewellery this festive season (to yourself)! #UnTradition
Shopping, sweets, attires everything is ON for this festive season! But something is missing, and we have it for you - Trendy gold jewellery!
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