10 Must-Have Gold Bracelets under 50K

The opening up of the world after two years has witnessed a new burst of life in workplaces, social gatherings, and all the places out there. Whether it is a daily affair or a special occasion, people love to get ready and deck themselves up, either casually or in full-on festive mode. New trends are being created every day in places all over, from pubs to office boardrooms and casual café visits to parties, no stones are left unturned in creating aesthetics and levelling up the glam. Now you can rock your own look too. 

So why stay back when you can always add a bit of sparkle to your personal style? 

Never settle for less as thousands of unique designs from the enormous collections of Melorra is here to make you feel unique and game up your style like no other. The happily old-school bracelets have returned with a fresh concept – from beads and stones to plain gold bracelets; the global trend-inspired jewellery is available in different styles and designs and is loved by people of all ages.  

Comfy Styles

Look and feel good with the beautiful collections at Melorra– comfortable and lightweight gold bracelets which can serve as an excellent option for wearing in all seasons; especially in the scorching summers. These BIS-Hallmarked gold bracelets are crafted to suit your every requirement – simple yet elegant they won’t fail to make a few heads turn towards you.

Shop these unique and classic pieces that will enhance your entire ensemble instantly.  Let’s check out a few of them which is easy to wear and easy on your pockets 

  1. Flounce First Gold Bracelet is inspired by the layers of frills, The Frill Fiesta Collection range in gold is completed with crinkles for a touch of elegance meets extravagance. The Flounce First Gold Bracelet from this collection is a high polish yellow gold bracelet inspired by a crinkled frills motif with a bow-tie pattern attached to cable chains. Adorn this beautiful piece with a velvet dress to compliment the frills.

    Flounce First Gold Bracelet
  2. If you want some shades in your bracelet yet want to maintain the proper look for the office then the Greydefined Style Gold Bracelet from the Tailored Grey Collection would be a perfect choice – a combination of plain gold with two-tone enamel grey in geometric motifs. Make these sophisticated meeting-ready styles your workplace staples. . This collection caters to the trend of bold boardroom vibes and has numerous bracelet designs to choose from.

    Greydefined Style Gold Bracelet
  1. The Sinister Bloom Gold Bracelet is a high polish yellow gold cable chain bracelet that has a rose motif in the centre with spatially placed stem motifs. Inspired by the dark yet blooming trend, this bracelet is from the Dark Romance Collection. Depicting the bold yet fragile nature of the rose, it’s the perfect casual trend for all-day looks.

    The Sinister Bloom Gold Bracelet
  1. The Hexa-Face Gold Bracelet comprises tiny quadruplet yellow gold hexagons accented with a white gold-plated line, all placed on a box chain at fixed intervals. This beautiful piece from the Checks and Stripes collection can be paired with a basic white T-shirt or printed ones.

    The Hexa-Face Gold Bracelet
  1. The Sunny Side Up Gold Bracelet is designed with a cable chain with three floral nuggets at the centre. All elements have a high polish with centre units which have a matte finish. Accessorize this with your favourite flowy top to go with the floral vibe.

    The Sunny Side Up Gold Bracelet
  1. Taking inspiration from the neo-grunge shades, this piece from the Tie N Dye Collection is all about adding a splash of colour to your casuals! The Ombre Out Gold Bracelet is a cable chain bracelet that has spatially placed twin arrow motifs with one side enamel in green and with a watercolour effect.

    The Ombre Out Gold Bracelet
  1. The beautiful Feather Fantasies Bracelet from the Feather Collection has spatially placed gold feather motifs and can go well with dresses or skirts. Add some Green to your outfit for a lovely combo.

    Feather Fantasies Bracelet
  1. Thrill O Pixel Gold Bracelet is from the Digital Pattern Collection with multiple mirrored triangles each having spatial block patterns. The abstract orange and pink pixel patterns play in sync with the style of the Digital Age. Pair it with a one-shoulder hot pink top or a pair of pink trousers for a lovely ensemble.

    Thrill O Pixel Gold Bracelet 
  1. The Shooting Star Gold Bracelet from the Space Escape Collection is created to help you take an escape from your daily mundane lives and add a magical dreamy element to your ensemble. Add this with your LBD for a lovely look.

    The Shooting Star Gold Bracelet
  1. The Romanesque Gold Bracelet hails from the Scarf Print Collection and gives a royal vibe to your overall look. It would elegantly complement an Indo-Western outfit.

    The Romanesque Gold Bracelet

 A cool and casual look or a go all-in look, create your perfectly unique style by pairing your outfits with complementing and global trend-inspired jewellery. Gold jewellery can cheer up anyone. Go ahead, include these gold bracelets and make a fashion statement every day. 

Do explore our beautifully conceptualized collections for all the events and daily wear. Pick any that might rightly suit your spirit, complement your mood of the day or elevate your casual outfit. So don’t wait to make them yours. These are available now at an amazing price. 

Check out our latest collections and read about how to take care of your gold jewellery! 

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Happy shopping! 

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