10 Real Reasons to Buy Real Jewellery This Diwali #Melorra

The grandest time of the year is here!

With festivities ringing in the air, we know its time to move over window shopping and to get down to splurging on clothing and real accessories. The need to stay fashionable and chic all seasons long is on an all-time high.

With clothes, the options are umpteen! So, why should you settle for limited choices when it comes to jewellery? That’s why this season we’ve created 5 festive jewellery collections. And, to pacify your jitters about buying jewellery online, we’ve listed 10 reasons why Melorra jewellery is the right choice for you this festive season.

#1 The Fashion-inspired Jewellery

Melorra is the only jewellery brand that designs jewellery that is purely and unabashedly inspired by global fashion trends. So, what you see on the ramps at Paris, Milan and New York, is what you’ll find in our jewellery. It’s that simple! So, if you are a fashion monger like us, Melorra is tailor-made YOU!

What you see on the ramps is what you’ll find in your jewellery.

#2 Minimal, Lightweight & East-to-wear

Wondering how one jewellery can be all three? Well, at Melorra the entire range of jewellery is exactly these. So, go on and splurge, for the easy wearability and minimal design will make our jewellery a part of your everyday ensemble, instantly!

You won’t find anything chunky or clunky here!

Gold Necklace Melorra.com
Sparkle Startle Gold Necklace

#3 Easy on the pocket

Yup, you read that right? We know it’s almost unheard of, which makes it hard to believe that real gold and diamond jewellery can be affordable! But, take a look at our collections and the price tag and you’ll be convinced, immediately. Keeping with the minimal and lightweight characteristic, Melorra jewellery automatically falls into the affordable category. So, move over the stigma and guilt that comes along with buying and preserving gold and splurge on.

It’s time you liberate your jewellery and flaunt it every single day.

#4 A Whole Host of Choices

From colours to shine to sparkle and much more. At Melorra, you’ll find a piece in almost every colour of gemstones. Moving over the otherwise conventional yellow gold, we have a lighter hue of yellow (courtesy 18kt gold), pink and white gold jewellery, that too, in 22kt and 18kt. Next, we have gemstones in almost every colour palette, from green, brown, black to orange and much more.  Then, we also have enamel in numerous shades. Didn’t we say we love to spoil you with choices?

At Melorra, we like to have fun with jewellery. And that’s exactly how we make jewellery fun!

#5 Flawless Finish, Always

What’s the point in buying real gold and diamond jewellery if it doesn’t come with impeccable finish and flawless shine? For us, winning your trust by providing you with that perfect set of jewellery is the ultimate goal! Therefore, to stay true to our promise, we use the most advanced 3D technology to design your jewellery.

Every order is custom-made and undergoes 25 levels of Quality Check!

#6 100% Real, Authentic & Certified

Yes, we can’t stress enough that ‘quality’ is always at the centre of everything we do! In this endeavour, we first put our jewellery through 25 gruelling levels of Quality Check. And, as that is not enough, we then make sure each piece of jewellery is authenticated and certified by the best global agencies. Therefore, all our diamond jewellery come with certificates issued by SGL or IGI Laboratories, India’s foremost diamond certification agencies. And, all our gold is BIS Hallmarked! Which means – it’s 100% real and certified!

When it comes to the quality and authenticity of our jewellery, we stop at nothing!

Wild Blue Yonder Collection

#7 The Choice is Yours

We completely understand that buying gold online can be far different than buying your daily groceries! Hence, in a bid to make the jewellery buying experience as seamless and comfortable as possible for you, we offer a 30-days return policy. If you like it, it’s yours. If you have doubts, just let us know, and we’ll pick it up from your doorstep, as per your convenience. Simple!

Take all the time you want to be 100% per cent sure about your buy. If in doubt, we’ll pick it up from your doorstep!

#8 Lifetime Exchange

Unlike junk or artificial jewellery, gold and diamonds are forever. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with what you’ve bought last season. Just as the fashion seasons change and along with it the trends, so should your jewellery, if you may. In which case, what do you do with your old Melorra jewellery? Don’t you worry, just give us a call, and we’ll give you a no-questions-asked 90% lifetime exchange value across all jewellery categories.

With the best-in-industry Lifetime Exchange policy offer, let your real jewellery reveal the authentic YOU, every season.

The ‘Endless Summer’ Gold Ring & The Rockabella Ring

#9 Gift in Gold

Picking that right gift which ticks all the boxes in your checklist can be super tricky. Therefore, we decided to simplify jewellery and decode the route to perfect gifting, for you. At Melorra the gifting options are trendy, pocket-friendly, perfect for everyone – whether it is your mother you are buying for, your S-O, daughter, friend, colleague or a distant relative, you’ll find something in every range, every category and for every expression! After all, is there a better way to show your love than with a piece of real, authentic gold? We don’t think so!

At Melorra, you’ll find a gift in every range and for every expression!

PS: With delivery to over 25,000+ pin codes across India, you can now send, buy and gift your favourite jewellery anywhere in India, anytime!

#10 Its Raining Offers

We understand that nothing beats a good offer. So, with the festive season in full swing, we’ve got the best jewellery offer in the town for you. Refer the image below for the bonanza! You’ve got till the end of October to splurge on the trendiest jewellery. So, hurry and make the best of the best jewellery deal there is!

But, like every good thing, these offers are ending soon too, so grab it before its gone!!!

Check out the entire range of jewellery here!

Happy festivities to you!

10 Real Reasons to Buy Real Jewellery This Diwali #Melorra
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10 Real Reasons to Buy Real Jewellery This Diwali #Melorra
10 Real Reasons to Buy Real Jewellery This Diwali #Melorra
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