10 Rules of Stacking Up Gold Jewellery! #Styletips

From individual strands to matching sets, gold has always been a pairing idea for special occasions. However, we couldn’t disagree more! Why Shouldn’t gold be for all day, every day and that too in a stack up?

Although stacking up sounds like fun, it’s an experiment that we all hesitate with. Will it be too much? Does it match the mood of the day? Or ties your outfit together? The questions are endless. But, if you keep these 10 rules in mind, that’s all you’ll need for the perfect ensemble:

#1. Not Just One Kind

When there are so many options to go for, why stick with just one? So instead of stacking up only with gold, mix it up with some pearls, gemstones and diamonds! Add a little texture with stones or a little sparkle with diamonds and you’ll be ready for any impromptu plan!

#2. Play With Colours of Gold!

Now gold in itself has different colours too! Mix and match some shades for that all-black/ all-white ensemble or go with a little print and let the colours match! Now that’s going to be an attention seeker.

#3. Don’t Stick to Themes/Motifs

When there are different colours and outfits for all your moods, why shouldn’t your jewellery have all the feels too? With multiple nature-inspired, style-inspired and even colour-inspired jewellery, your options are now plenty! And since we’re trend-inspired, we have all the latest fashionista vibe too! So you can choose to mix up themes with a butterfly and a leaf or flaunt the same shade throughout. After all, colour-block is always in!

#4. Play With Enamel too!

It’s a known fact that colours lift up our mood and even confidence. So shouldn’t we have them in our gold too? And that’s exactly what we did! Combining enamel with gold, we’re giving you the colour range that is Pantone approved for the season. So whether you’re all about creating contrasts or going monochrome head-to-toe, you have the option for it all.

#5. Multiple Stack-Up!

It’s a myth when they say you can’t pair up different stack up together. Pair up different necklet chains with a stack of rings or pair up studs with a bangle/bracelet one, you can experiment with this for that cas-party look. Make sure that you don’t go with two stacks on your hand or try all 3 (rings, bangles, necklaces) together as it’ll create a contrast. But if you’re about any two, you’re good to go!

#6. Keep Your Garment Simple

When there’s so much going on with jewellery, the outfit shouldn’t clutter your entire look. So when stacking up, make sure your outfit doesn’t have a lot going on. Pair up your stack up with a solid pairing, a small print or even one tone sequin, your stack up will definitely put you in the limelight as it complements your outfit.

#7. Thin Chains for Layering is a Go-Go

When in doubt about layering necklaces or chains, go with simple chains. Add on two-three in one stack or you can choose to add a pendant to one, the choice is yours. You can also pair up a simple gold necklet with a pendant on the other chain with your off-shoulder tops or dresses or add on a fashion chain wrapped twice with a boat neck top! You can also wrap around a fashion chain and use it as a multi-layered bracelet.

#8. Go with Easy Picks and Experiment

Now if you have a favourite accessory, just go ahead and stack That up! Say, you love gold rings. So don’t hesitate and just stack them up. Combine 2 rings in one finger, one midi-ring and another stack ring and that’s the perfect party addition! You can also choose to add some colour by adding one enamel in that stack. If you love necklaces, pair up your pendants and adjust them, so that they fall one below the other. V-neck tops are the perfect ones to go for this pair up.

#9. Don’t Hide From Gold!

Accessorizing with fashion jewellery is a story of yore. When there are gold options at affordable prices, trendy designs and also lightweight, there’s plenty of room to try on the new. So don’t shy away from gold, diamonds or gemstones and create your very own pair up. Experiment and find your fashionista look!

 #10. Most Importantly – Have Fun with Layering!

When there are so many doubts, don’t stress! Just take one step at a time and try pairing up different things for inspiration. The main thing to do is to Have Fun with it. When your outfit is prepped up to brighten up your day, your stack up is going to add that ‘something extra’ to it! And not just look good but also share your good vibes and confidence as you go about.

So since you now know all the things you need to start your experimentation, keep in mind to make your stack up interesting. It’s not just about following a theme, but about flaunting your style. So it’s time to let your precious jewellery show off your trendy side!

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10 Rules of Stacking Up Gold Jewellery! #Styletips
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10 Rules of Stacking Up Gold Jewellery! #Styletips
From individual strands to matching sets, gold has always been a pairing idea for special occasions. However, we couldn't disagree more! Why Shouldn't gold be for all day, every day and that too in a stack up?
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