11 Hearts in Gold – All Set to Ship! #QuickShip

“I ❤️ U” Do you think chocolates and a teddy can say it for more than a day? Uplift your gifting game with hearts that stay with her for longer! Check out these hearts in gold set to ship to your heart-mate! 


All Hearts Set to Ship!

While it’s the month of love and it’s all about making your other half feel special, sometimes, work hardly leaves any time. And in work, you missed deciding what to gift her! Or, are you relying on the “cliches” to make her day? She might already have a room full of teddies, gotten bored of chocolates, and roses ugh! No doubt, they’re beautiful, but only for a day! I see you noddin’. Yeah, so why not change the game? Surprise her with something she’ll drool over for years and would boost up your gifting game! 

Hearts, but in gold, that stay longer!

Valentine’s day is just coming this weekend! Relax! Don’t start looking to jam-pack all your apologies together, ‘coz we are here to help you with the perfect gift! 

Drop the teddies and not-so-great gifts, it’s definitely time to up our gifting ways!

Being a man, ideas about fine jewellery – Difficult? We know! That is precisely why we have a selection that is both within budget and the right gift for her. Now isn’t that something? So whether it’s a gift for your girlfriend, wife or daughter, there’s a heart for each of your valentines! And inspired by the declarations of love and all things Cupid, we’ve picked out some “Awww”-inspiring hearts in gold. 

With her fashion-forward wardrobe and unique choices, these designs will surely become her favourite go-to.

So, given that you have no other reason to say no, check out what we have in store for you that’ll win you some points!


#1. Heart Decor Diamond Bracelet, that’ll make her smile brighter than each passing yesterday!


#2. Fuchsian Hearts Danglers that say, “You colour my heart the colour of love”!
Hearts Set To Ship

#3. French Milieu Ring to remind her of your diamond precious love!

Hearts Set To Ship

#4. Heart O French Pendant that she can wear every day close to her heartbeats!

Hearts Set To Ship

#5. Half Of My Heart Pendant set to ship close to half of your heart! 😉


#6. Love-Struck Town Studs that say, “Your love has struck my town Cupid colours!”Hearts Set To Ship

#7. Melody O Love Bracelet that sings the melody of your romantic story! *Hearts Hearts*


Hearts Set To Ship

#8. Pattern O Love Diamond Ring… Just Say It With A Ring!! 💍



#9. Flower Kissed Gold Ring. Well, ‘coz it’s better than just flowers!

Hearts Set To Ship

#10. Fuchsian Love Gold Studs that compliment her blushing pink cheeks, when you claim your love!

Hearts Set To Ship

So, now you have all the beautiful hearty options charted out pretty well, HURRY! Whatever you like, it’s all ready to be packed and shipped straight to your lady’s door!

Check out our entire Romantic Hearts Collection here. 

11 Hearts in Gold - All Set to Ship!
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11 Hearts in Gold - All Set to Ship!
Uplift your gifting game with hearts that stay with her for longer! Check out these hearts in gold set to ship to your heart-mate! 
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