13 Quirky Conversation Starters #daughtersday #fashiontalk

We couldn’t agree more – daughters are super special! So, as your lil’ one goes from being a prancing tot to a fabulous (aka fashionable) young woman, here are a few quirky tongue-in-cheek conversation starters you gotta initiate – about style, fashion, body image and everything in between!

It’s time for some fun chitter-chatter with your Lil lady! We know, having ‘the’ talk about fashion preferences and style choices isn’t going to be a walk in the park. So, for all the mom and daughter divas out there who enjoy fashion, fun and all things jewellery, we listed out a few must-say liners:

#1  Comfortable is the new chic! Fashion doesn’t mean form-fitting clothes.

#2 A good book is better than fake friends, gather them generously!

The Glow Show Gold Studs

#3 There is no such thing as too much glitter 🙂

#4 Sequins doesn’t mean loud, and too many colours don’t mean gaudy! Splurge, if you want!

The ‘Lure of Verdure’ Open Top Ring

#5 A good personality works way better than layers of good makeup! Work on that!

#6 Look for good vibes, not for number of ‘likes’ & ‘filters’!

Yellow Tangelo Gold Earrings

#7 Be your own sunshine, and bring your own rain!


#8 Sometimes, a good pair of jeans & a quirky piece of jewellery is all you’ll need.

The Golden Chevron Bangle
White Swan Bracelet

#9 There is nothing called – ‘I can’t pull it off’.

#10 When it comes to lipsticks – No shade is the wrong shade! Skin tone doesn’t matter, wear what you love!

The ‘Wings of Glitter’ Pendant

#11 Heels doesn’t mean sexy & sneakers doesn’t mean sporty! Wear what you want!

#12 Confidence looks gorgeous on you, wear it every day

Endless Summer Gold Ring
Rockabella Gold Ring

#13 When you choose to shine, nothing can jinx your sparkle -because, there is nothing called ‘bad luck’!

So, with the D-day (read: Daughter’s Day) around the corner, hope you are all set with your gifts as well!

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Happy Daughter’s Day!!!

13 Quirky Conversation Starters #daughtersday #fashiontalk
Article Name
13 Quirky Conversation Starters #daughtersday #fashiontalk
13 Quirky Conversation Starters #daughtersday #fashiontalk
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