5 Jewellery Innovations by Melorra!

Why shouldn’t Gold have some fun? Move over heavy, chunky gold jewellery associated with traditions. Make space for wearing practical pieces that combine fun and functionality. Here’s why we’re celebrating the Creative & Innovation Week!

With changing lifestyles and our daily plans, it’s chaotic out there. But we all like to dress up to boost our confidence and show off another side of ourselves. From that team meeting to the dance floor, we dress the part. However, accessorizing gets in the way. With only costume jewellery to choose from, our options are limited and it doesn’t go with everything either!

Here’s where we at Melorra step in. When your outfits are right, why should jewellery stop you? Keeping this in mind, we create precious jewellery that is apt and goes with Just About Everything. How do we do this? We combine global fashion trends with gold, diamonds and gemstones. Simple. Adding that new colour trend to that ruffles fashion you’ve been following, it’s no longer just a part of your outfit.

So, to give you the best options to flaunt your style, we constantly use innovative techniques and blend them with our design philosophy. Our team of designers are constantly experimenting and innovating to delight you! Here are 5 of our most innovative techniques and creative pieces for you to indulge in. 

#1 Borderless Enamel

Making enamel jewellery a whole lot fashionable, we introduced the technique of borderless enamel. Subtracting the gold borders that hold back the brightness of the colour to let it dazzle. Combining this style with our White Edge, Lavender, Fluo Neon and Fruity Yellow collections (Read: Trend Collections) we’re adding some colour to your gold. With a flowy feel to the colour, the result is a classy, minimal and contemporary look.

enamel jewellery
Dreamy Dapple Yellow Enamel Studs

#2 New Enamel Colours!

Now since the border is gone, why stop with the regular colours? Staying true to the Pantone colour trends, we experiment with shades that haven’t been in the jewellery industry. Whether it was the lavender trend, The Neon one or the White, there is a shade for all. Adding colour to your jewellery collection, it’s time to go contemporary with enamel and gold.

enamel jewellery
So-Lit Enamel Pendant & Neon Dab Enamel Ring

#3 Not Your Usual Gemstones

Inspired by the animal print and Pastel Ice Cream trends, we go beyond the conventional gemstones. Combining with different finishes we create new varieties with Gold. For example, we did a mix of Rhodolite, Tourmaline and Pink Opal for our Pink colour trend. Our Animal Print collection included stones like Tiger’s Eye, Black Agate and Picture Jasper to match the print texture.

gemstone jewellery
Black Panther Gemstone Bracelet & Tutti Frutti Sorbet Gemstone Danglers

#4 New Textures In Gold

Adding the trend to not just the gemstone, we include textures to the Gold as well. From creating multiple overlaying gold discs for our Disco Sequin collection to Leopard’s spots (Yes, it’s true), we’ve continued to add something new. When the clothing gets an update, your jewellery should too, right?

gold jewellery
A/W 18-19 Animal Print Collection

#5 Uncomplicated Jewellery

For the multi-tasker woman of today, 24 hours are surely not enough. So in a busy lifestyle, your jewellery shouldn’t stop you! While you’re running late for the meeting, a bracelet should be fairly easy to put on! Or maybe those studs too! Keeping it uber-simple and easy to care for, we make sure, putting on jewellery is not the issue. With hook earrings and omega clip studs, we’re making it quick and simple. And with toggle locks for your bracelets, you’re ready to step out in a jiffy!

innovations melorra

Keep your wardrobe updated and your jewellery too! Pick jewellery that helps you stand out and fits into your lifestyle.

Check out our Collections here!

While you’re here, do check out the four unique innovations by Melorra!

5 Jewellery Innovations by Melorra!
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5 Jewellery Innovations by Melorra!
5 Jewellery Innovations by Melorra!
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