5 Reasons to Go for Gold this Season!

Find out five reasons why going for gold this season is the new year’s style statement to try!

It’s finally 2022, and this time, we’re welcoming the new year with a whole new optimism, excitement and hope. From recreating our bucket lists to making more plans and shopping from our long awaiting carts, we’re leaving no stone left unturned! And maybe those shopping carts could do some good with a bit of glitter of gold to add to our sparkly new outlook on life. But, yes, you might be wondering why gold of all things, well here are a few reasons you should go for gold this season.

It doesn’t have to be an investment or a ‘traditional’ accessory in this day and age. Investing in quality everyday jewellery that’s stylish and friendly on your pocket is a lifestyle choice today’s generation seems to be flocking to. It’s both an ethical and an elegant statement, and we are all for it. So here are five reasons for us to go for gold.

Five Reasons To Go For Gold This Season

#1 Don’t Wait for Pay Day with these Affordable Styles

The best thing about everyday precious jewellery is that it’s pocket friendly. With a variety of styles to choose from, the styles under 10k are not only trendy but affordable as well! Explore Melorra’s many trendy designs under 10k and get swooped off of your feet.

The Clawed Chic gold Pendant
The Clawed Chic Pendant

#2 Every day is the Gold Way – Lightweight Designs

Why wait for a special occasion to style your best gold looks when you can style it every day? With lightweight designs that comprise 2 to 4 gms, wearing gold every day can be pretty easy. Shop lightweight gold jewellery that’s also trendy from Melorra and enjoy wearing the precious metal without an occasion.

The Pearl Drama gold Drops
The Pearl Drama Drops

#3 Make Stacking Look Easy – Easy to Style Rings

Oh, who doesn’t love the stacking jewellery trend? Get creative with rings by Melorra that are light, chic and easy to stack. From gold to diamonds to gemstones and enamel, there are various options to choose from to create your stacked looks!

Stackable Rings

#4 Gold is More Than Just One Occasion

We have all felt it. The feminine urge to wear all your mom’s traditional jewellery as a child and dazzle away. But unfortunately, back then, wearing it was limited to special occasions only. Well, not anymore! Melorra’s everyday trendy jewellery is made to be worn for any and all occasions. Style your everyday looks with a range of versatile jewellery that’s super stylish and lightweight.

The Lilac Blossoms Gold Ring
The Lilac Blossoms Gold Ring

#5 Always Untradition and Unbore

With the latest collections dropping every week, inspired by the latest looks showcased on international runways and fashion weeks, gold jewellery at Melorra is anything but boring. Explore some trendy looks that are fresh and fashionable and style them the way you want to untradition your own distinct way.

The Spot Me gold Ring
The Spot Me Ring

Do these reasons make you want to dip into some trendy chic golden looks? Well, explore our collection of trendy jewellery in gold, diamonds and gemstones and get inspired!

5 Reasons to Go for Gold this Season!
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5 Reasons to Go for Gold this Season!
Find out five reasons why going for gold this season is the new year’s style statement to try!
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