7 Animal Motifs Jewellery You Gotta Own #fashionfirst #nowtrending

Those who claim that fashion can’t be cute sure haven’t laid their eyes on our adorable set of Animal Motif jewellery. Inspired by the global macro trend ‘Nature’ from Spring Summer 2018, these little cutsy motifs are selling out like hotcakes!

So, what’s holding you up? With Daughter’s day around the corner and festivities in the air, it’s time you checked out the oh-so-cute Animal Collection. For others, who are confused with the many options, worry not! We’ve laid out 7 must-have animal motifs (read: popular) pieces from our collection.

#1 The Trunk Show Stud Earrings

#2 The Fishy Fab Pendant

#3 The Chick Trick Stud Earrings

#4 The Wings of Glitter Pendant

#5 The Purrfect Portion Stud Earrings

#6 The Bow Wow Pendant

#7 The Glitter Fly Stud Earrings

Love what you see? Go on and grab it. Nature is the biggest trend of Spring/Summer 2018, so don’t be left behind, join the fashion parade by indulging in your favourite animal motifs jewellery. Also, you can look for matching pendant-studs earrings duo for that added touch of fashion!

Shop on, CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the collection.

7 Animal Motifs Jewellery You Gotta Own #fashionfirst #nowtrending
Article Name
7 Animal Motifs Jewellery You Gotta Own #fashionfirst #nowtrending
7 Animal Motifs Jewellery You Gotta Own #fashionfirst #nowtrending
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