7 Types of Earrings You Must Know, Own & Wear! #Tuneyourears

If there is one accessory that stood the test of ‘fashion’ time, it’s got to be earrings, Hands Down!

The sizes changed, the hues differed, but the presence of this unfathomable ear accessory has remained. Standing test to time – through fashion seasons and across wardrobes! These ear candies have had a fun fashion evolution too. Unlike any other piece of ensemble and accessory, they have gone from chunky hoops to minimal, mix-match to OTT!

Earrings That We Love Too

At Melorra, we love them earrings, that’s why we have over thousands plus several designs and various categories that we can talk about, all day long.

Too Many Types of Earrings

So, now that we have professed our love for earrings, in all their forms and glory, we are letting you in. Here’s a quick rundown of different types of earrings you gotta get your hands (oops! ears) on:

1. Drop Earrings – aka the danglers!

These are, basically, studs with a link attached to them, that then has a free moving nugget dangling on it. This has a flexible portion. It can come in different colours, with different embellishment (diamonds, gemstones, enamel) and different sizes.

Jewellery Expert’s Take: Drops, usually come with push & post screw, the kinds where you just have to press the lock nugget onto the earring screw. This technique is safe, easier and saves time!

2. Stud Earrings – For those who like to play it safe.

These ear titbits are one portion earrings, that are attached to the earlobes, without any flexible portion. These are usually teeny-tiny in size but can be made in bigger, bolder sizes as well.

Jewellery Expert’s Take: Studs, conventionally, come with threaded screws (read Bombay screw), which are usually super tedious and tricky to wear. At Melorra, we’ve simplified the process by replacing it with push screws.

3. Hoops – Fashionistas favourites!

The most daring one of them all, hoops are mostly circular or oval earrings that are big, bold and super chic. Hoop earrings are usually a stand-alone accessory, and if you are wearing one, you sure won’t need any more bling to jazz up your outfit.

Jewellery Expert’s Take: No tedious screws here. Our earrings come with snap and lock system – a loop clicks into a socket. Voila! your hoops are secure and in place!

7 types of earrings4. Huggies – baby hoops, super cute!

Yeah, that’s right, huggies are the tinier and less risqué version of hoops. Small in size, these usually snug the lobes. Hence, the name – huggies.

Jewellery Expert’s Take: No tedious screws here either. Huggies come with a hinge and lock technique. click into the groove and you are good to go!

7 types of earrings

5. Shoulder Dusters – The dramatic spin!

That’s exactly what these are. As the name suggests, shoulder dusters are, mostly linear, danglers that often reach till the shoulder of the wearer.

Jewellery Expert’s Take: We spoke about hook on, move on earrings recently. Shoulder duster earrings are mostly that. These are carefully made, with weight management in mind.!

7 types of earrings

6. Solitaire – for the romantic in you!

Simple, yet so gorgeous. Solitaries are single diamond pieces that are timeless, and you never can have just one. So, check them here – we’ve given them a contemporary.

Jewellery Expert’s Take: Solitaires are almost always push back earrings (aka butterfly back earrings). The lock for these earrings features a tiny nugget that has to be pushed into the earring post. This lock is extremely secure and easy to wear.

7 types of earrings
7. Nakshatra – cluster you’d love to muster (cheesy much! We know)

For the diamond lover in you, grab on to these lovelies. A bunch of diamonds arranged to make one glamorous ear accessory.

Jewellery Expert’s Take: Like solitaires, these earrings come with a butterfly screw, mostly. But, you can also opt for screw back option, which features a covered back. Opt for this, if you want to do away with the post that pokes out with the butterfly screw. Screw back is safe, secure, but a little tedious to wear.

7 types of earrings


Now, that you have all the info on this fab ear accessory, get shopping, you don’t want to miss out on all the compliments and fashion wins that’ll come your way, right?

7 types of earrings Check out our entire range of earrings here!

7 Types of Earrings You Must Know, Own & Wear! #Tuneyourears
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7 Types of Earrings You Must Know, Own & Wear! #Tuneyourears
7 Types of Earrings You Must Know, Own & Wear! #Tuneyourears
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