8 Jewellery Pair-Ups for your Summer Ensembles! #styling

Spring/Summer is here in full bloom and we’re all about feeling the breeze and shedding down the winter layers. And when there’s precious jewellery to match with them, haven’t we got something special?

Keep things minimal or go over the top with your accessories. These Spring Summer trends have gone all out! Giving you an array of options that would go with just about everything, all you need to do is pick up your favourite trend. Whether it’s that white shirt for work or the sequined dress for those pub-hopping nights, there’s a piece of precious jewellery for them all!

Keeping your versatile plans and outfits in mind, for this week’s Pick of the Week, we’re all about pairing up for these sunny days! With comfort outfits and minimal jewellery, let’s go light-weight this season, shall we? Here’s what we are suggesting!

#1. The Ruffle Bites Gold Necklace for your office white to 9 plans! The summery white will surely keep your blues away. Flaunt a tucked in look for work or pair an untucked one with boots, and you’ll be ready for everything.

gold jewellery fashion

#2. Going for a coffee run or maybe just a movie day? Pick up the Disco Drama Gold Ring to pair up with your strappy tops and shorts for a comfy yet chic look.

gold jewellery

#3. A Sunday getaway around the city? Or maybe a retail therapy kind of day – Go forth with those sunglasses and palazzo-top combination that will keep you breezy. Add on a little bling with the Club Love Gold Studs and you’re ready to step out!

gold jewellery gold studs

#4. Go from a deadline to a date night with a pop of colour! Add on a little enamel shade to your gold jewellery and create a summer outfit ready to shine through the day – and night. Pick out the Neon Dab gold fashion chain and pair it up with Lime N Lemon gold danglers that’ll complement the trendy you!

enamel earrings enamel necklace

#5. ‘Let’s step out this weekend- Just us!’ – Every girl gang once in a while. So why shouldn’t you? And that too, ready for a wine and dine brunch plan – perfectly. Pick up the Chain Domain gold pendant that is going to fall aptly in that category.

gold jewellery summer

#6. It’s time for a weekend getaway! Get ready to showoff the fashionista in you, in all its glory! Pick up this sleek Lens Prance gold bracelet that is made to flaunt your minimal jewellery choices.

gold jewellery

#7. Did someone say Dance Night? Do we even need more excitement than that?! Get your bling on with a super chic sequin dress or pick out that lace LBD you’ve been waiting to wear. All you need to do is add on black boots and this Sync in Sequin gold necklace and you’re set for the evening.

gold jewellery summer

#8. Where there’s a ring, there’s a way! If you’re planning to go monochrome for your day to evening plan, all you need is the Right pop of colour and this So Lit enamel ring is made for just that! Whether it is a luncheon, a family gathering or a coffee date, you’ll be ready to step out.

gold jewellery summer

So while you’re readying your wardrobe for this year’s summer, get set to add on some precious jewellery that will bring out the colour and also tie your ensemble perfectly!

Check out our Spring Summer collections here!

8 Jewellery Pair-Ups for your Summer Ensembles! #styling
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8 Jewellery Pair-Ups for your Summer Ensembles! #styling
8 Jewellery Pair-Ups for your Summer Ensembles! #styling
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