6 Gold Jewellery Pair-Ups for your Summer Ensembles #styling

It’s time for the season of colours that fills our hearts with extra cheeriness. Spring/Summer is almost here and we’re all about feeling the breeze and shedding down the winter layers. How about adding some cool jewellery pieces to your summer gears and beating the heat? Get ready to look hotter than the sun in this coming sunny season!

It’s your choice whether you want to keep things minimal or go OTT with your accessories. We are giving you an array of options that would go with just about everything. So, all you need to do is pick your favourites! Whether it’s that striped off-shoulder top with jeans for casual hangouts or that solid one-piece dress for those pub-hopping nights, there’s a piece of precious jewellery for them all!

Keeping your versatile plans and outfits in mind, we’re all about pairing up for these sunny days! With comfy outfits and minimal jewellery, let’s go light-weight this season, shall we? Here’s what we are suggesting!

#1. Summer Sundays

The season of all things warm and sweet, demands you to dress up like it. Having a girls’ day out? Ready for a wine and dine brunch plan? Summer Sundays are super Sundays and need to be dedicated for catching up with besties. Pick up your crop top and pair it with jeans or that floral maxi dress of yours and add on the Hint of a Hat Gold Bracelet. And you’ll be ready to rock!Hat Gold Bracelet

#2. Weekend Getaways

Spending the weekend chilling near the city? Or maybe up for a retail therapy kind of day? Go forth with those sunglasses and palazzo-top combination that will keep you breezy. Add on a little bling of gold with this excellent combination of the Tweed Staples Gold Pendant and the Tweed Theory Gold Studs. Get set to amaze!
Gold Tweed Combo

#3. Beachside Holidays

Planning a vacation near the sea? Pick up the Winter Hats Gold Drop earrings to match with your tropical print short dress and your straw sun hat. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen!

Winter Hats Gold Drop Earrings

#4. Casual Plans

Going for a coffee run or maybe just a movie day? Pick up the Handtied Bows Gold Studs and the Knot A Bow Gold Bracelet to pair up with your messy bow tops and matching shorts and go for a comfy yet chic look. Get ready to take over the world, sunshine!

Bow Gold Studs & Bracelet

#5. Family Picnics

Where there’s a ring, there’s a way! Whether it is a luncheon or a family picnic, if you’re planning to go neutral for your day to evening plan, all you need is the Tweed Season Gold Ring and the perfect attitude.

Tweed Season Gold Ring

#6. Romantic Evenings

Go for a date night with a twist of twill! Add on a little bling of gold and complete a romantic summer look, ready to shine through the day – and night. Pick out the Tweed Twills Gold Bangle and slay any ordinary day!

Tweed Twills Gold Bangle

So while you’re preparing your wardrobe for this year’s summer, don’t forget to add on some precious gold jewellery that will bring out the shine and also tie your ensemble perfectly!

Check out our latest jewellery collections in gold and diamond and pick your favourite trend!

6 Gold Jewellery Pair-Ups for your Summer Ensembles! #styling
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6 Gold Jewellery Pair-Ups for your Summer Ensembles! #styling
Pair these sunny days with some golden shine! With comfy outfits and minimal jewellery, let’s go light-weight this season, shall we?
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