AW 20/21: Add a Little Prep in Your Step! #TrendAlert

Are you ready to add a little prep and pep to your winter?! This Autumn-Winter 2020, shirts, plaid skirts and ties are back in fashion – that too in a pulled-up socks form. It’s THE uniform for the season!

Childhood remains the core of this season’s theme and with it, designers are revising their own school days and the uniform of the past. Somewhere between maturity and innocence, this trend is about colouring in between the lines and also a little outside. The rebel to the strict and the experimental to the uniform, it’s the new style modus operandi.

Cool Campus Looks

It’s fun, it’s colourful and more than that, it’s taking us back to the good old days. When play hours were mandatory, exams were the worst and that was all the care in the world. Capturing the essence of our childhood, Thom Browne’s collection was the perfect depiction of British school uniforms and team mascots. In plaid skirts, striped blazers and yes, headdresses, it was about being school ready in all the cool ways.

Versace, on the other hand, was about sweaters with monograms, paired with mini-skirts and even quilted jackets. Winter was here but in style. In a classic plaid pattern, Dior’s collection was a little chic, a little boho and a whole lotta chequered. With blue, red and white colours, there were shorts, blazers and socks with boots to complete the winter school look. Burberry added metallic with the cheery stripes while Maison Margiela added fur and ruffles to solid shades. Redemption’s collection showcased a modern take on school vibes with short shorts paired with collared shirts and metallic and striped blazers.

Gucci went old-school with knee-length outfits and peter pan collars, while Victoria Beckham was about high-neck collars paired with woollen skirts. All in all, winter was taking inspiration from the preppy handbook and Everyone was on board That train.

Peppy Penchants!

A little prim and a little wild, this trend had various connotations. Thanks to Britney Spears with her ‘Baby One More Time’ music video that subtracted the innocent and added the sensual to this outfit. Coming to the latest bit, from Janelle Monae in her black and white outfit to Maisie Williams pantsuit with all the school vibe, the celebs were set to embrace this style. Yara Shahidi, Aliaa Bhatt, Urvashi Rautela and Rakul Preet are some of the other celebs celebrating their campus crushes.

The Preppy Collection

After all the colour play on the preppy look, it was time to add something new to your jewellery box too. Playing with the preppy fashion, we’ve created a range that brings back the vibe of the times gone by and even more so, a reminder of all the fun times. This trend denotes to explore and to get back to our childhood and while fashion is taking care of that, we have the jewellery to go with it!

Designer Moodboard

A part of the Childhood macro trend, this trend was a throwback to school looks & carefree times. With jackets, high necks & a lot of quirky style-spiration, we’ve created a range in gold. Consisting of 3-D geometric patterns & enamel colours, we’re paying homage to all-school-things we remember.

– Bhagyashree, Jewellery Designer

So while you’re picking up the perfect plaid skirt and shirt to pair up this season, add on some prep jewellery too! With prep school colours like Red, Blue & Pink, it’s the new campus casuals to flaunt this season!

Explore The Preppy Collection here!

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