AW:18/19 – Pop Goes the Neon Fashion #Trendalert

Make way for a wave of colour explosion! Neon has arrived on the fashion scene and the results are gloriously colourful, bright and bold!

Autumn-winter 2018-19 has witnessed a shift in the colour game. From the subtlety of last season’s demure and almost coy mellow colours to this season’s outrageous frills, pleats, sequins and neon, the positive vibe is evident and almost infectious.

Neon Gets the Nod

Prada pioneered it with its luminous paillettes displays sprawled on its runways this season, and the rest of the labels, the likes of Balmain, Manish Arora, Tom Ford, followed suit ever-so-generously! With runways and ramps painted bright shades of neon, one thing is super clear – Neon is here to bring the vibrancy back to fashion, the way it is meant to be! Loud and proud!

Neon trend Balmain
Balmain show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear FallWinter 20182019 on March 2 2018, in Paris France.
Neon Trend Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott
Neon Trend Balmain
Balmain show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear FallWinter 20182019 on March 2 2018, in Paris, France.

Celeb Squad on the Neon Bandwagon

When the likes of Blake Lively and the Kardashian sisters pull all the stops to endorse the trend on the red carpet, you know it’s going to be a massive one! Such support and outpour just go to prove how approving the fashion and celeb fraternity of the Fluo Neon trend is. So, take note ladies, Neon is here to stay, as the fashion elite has given the trend a big, bright thumbs-up!

Neon Trend Fashion
Blake Lively
Neon Trend Fashion
Ashley Graham
Neon Trend Fashion
Kylie Jenner

The Colour Pop

The trend is all about going over the top with fluorescent colours. Get ready for an explosion of colours – for fashion, this AW -18/19 is getting seriously bright! The vibe is relaxed, experimental, bold, loud and has colours to flaunt – punchy pink, vivid green, big bright yellow & tangerine orange with a fluorescent pop!

Neon Trend Fashion
VJ Anusha
Neon Trend Fashion
Yara Shaidi

Yes, it is bright and bold, loud and out-there, but that doesn’t mean that Neon isn’t for mainstream every day. The trend is not just for the fashion’s big-wigs and red carpet divas! You too can indulge in the trend by adding your own dash of explosive colours to your ensemble – the perfect fashion antidote for the winter!

And while you ruffle through your wardrobe and pick your favourite neon pieces, something colourful is brewing back in our design studios! We are bringing gold and neon together to create some magical yet super zany jewellery! Just the dash of quirk to spruce up your winter wardrobe.

AW:18/19 - Pop Goes the Neon Fashion #Trendalert
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AW:18/19 - Pop Goes the Neon Fashion #Trendalert
AW:18/19 - Pop Goes the Neon Fashion #Trendalert
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