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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with the way we live, what is happening

————-Coco Chanel

Beautiful netted veils were often found as trims attached to bonnets or hats worn by women in the Victorian era. They served more than the purpose of fashion and wearing accessories that spoke about the social standing of women.

Apart from bridal ensembles, netted veils were also common in funeral attire, the most iconic being that of Jacquiline Kenedy’s full head covering and shoulder-length black veil.

This fall season, embrace this tradition that is breathing new life on the runways. Get a taste of this season’s fashion with The Fine Net Collection from Melorra. Carry the old world charm with pieces from our latest collection and celebrate the return of the ’80s.

Glam up your casual wear with the distinct style of open weaves on not just clothes but also jewellery.

Designer’s Exhibit: Heads up for the Netting!

Designers of the likes of Alexander McQueen, Jill Sanders, and Blue Marine have proclaimed the arrival of veiled faces in the modern world. Jil Sander adopted this Victorian trend in the form of veiled knitted beanies, while Off White featured base hats with horns and loosely woven netting. The Blue Marine has joined the league with veiled head bands.


Celebs Embrace the Veiled Trend

Celebrities and influencers alike were seen swaying to the flamboyance of the beguiling net trend.

The Kardashian sisters seem to have welcomed this trend with open arms. Kylie Jenner flaunted the trend twice. At the Met Gala, she was truly a vision in white, accessorized with a baseball hat trimmed with a veil. She fell back on the trend once again with a knitted net ensemble with an open weave face mask.


Kourtney Kardashian, on the other hand, opted for a black corset dress, opera gloves, and a shoulder length veil.

Let’s take a peek at our new jewellery collection:

Neat Net Diamond Ring

Keep it fresh and casual with this ring that has net detailing in the shape of a diamond.

Net Zoned Gold Bracelet



Glam up those ribbed t-shirts, cardigans and full sleeve tops with this bracelet that has ribbon shaped meshwork.

Net O Veil Gold Necklace 


Pair this necklace with sweetheart necklines, black ensembles and much more! It features 5 circular motifs with gold meshwork inside them.

Shadow Gold Earrings



Let the drama unfold with these dangler earrings. The season’s netting trend adapted to a triangle motif danglers.This one is for the diva in you.

Fall For Nets Gold Pendant



Add some dimension to your plain white shirts coupled with denims with this gold pendant. The pendant showcases a net detailing in a diamond motif.

Under the Net Spell Gold Bangle


Break the norms and make a statement in this gold bangle. It features intricate gold meshwork with a star motif at the center. Be sure to be the star of the evening in this piece!

The Netting Fashion Trend

This global fashion trend has taken many leaps and bounds over the years. This time around, it has definitely made it clear that it is no longer just reserved for weddings.

So, why wait?

Pick your favourite jewellery from our Fine Net Collection and add some drama to your casual wear. Experiment with our lightweight jewellery and get transported to the nostalgic era of the feminine allure!

Don’t forget to check our latest collections that’ll uplift your style spirits!

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