#Jewelleryfact: What’s A Necklet? Look Inside!

‘Not a Necklace, Not a Choker! Necklet is light, fun, fashionable and come with a prominent centrepiece.’ So, all the fashionistas – gear- up! we are saying – ‘Out with old, in the ‘fashionable’ new!’

melorra gold necklet

We’ve got your back! Go ahead and seize the day! Spread your sparkle around, as we deck you up in all things gold, all things – YOU!

melorra gold necklet

Create a life that feels good on the inside, for the outside you’ve got gold!

melorra gold necklet

She was a little bit of both, Sometimes an angel, sometimes a star! She wears her halo to work, And plays with flutters of her of gold!

melorra gold necklet

Time to turn up the music and turn down the drama, Times to pile on the gold and dial into the fabulous night!

melorra gold necklet

Today, show up fashionably put-together – right jewellery, right shoes, right outfit! Remember to – not to be average, but to be AWESOME! Choose a chic necklet.

melorra gold jewellery

She is a girl-next-door with a rock n’ roll heart!

That’s absolutely right, so go on liberate your jewellery and add a dash (a generous one!) of fashion to it, all day, everyday.

Shop our whole range of necklets here!

While you’re here, do check out this amazing guide on what neckpiece to wear with different kinds of necklines.

#Jewelleryfact: What's A Necklet? Look Inside!
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#Jewelleryfact: What's A Necklet? Look Inside!
#Jewelleryfact: What's A Necklet? Look Inside!
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