SS ’20: The African Weave Work #TrendAlert

Sustainability is in, everything else is out! Spring-Summer 2020 is changing the fashion game, and with it comes in a new fabric – Raffia!

There’s an African inspiration in town, and we’re totally in awe! Made out of Raffia palm leaves, this trend is woven in a typical basketweave pattern. However, this season it went to another level! Incorporating modern techniques and their flair, it was quite a spectacle to watch! A sustainable soft fibre, it is the new path of eco-friendly clothing.

Raffia Ramps

Dolce and Gabbana were clearly excited about this fabric. From tassels, bralettes to dyed fibres and bias-cut dresses, there was an excitement in the air. Adding scarves around the neck, Sunflowers in the hair and, of course, Raffia bags, it was a full-power Raffia takeover.

Instagram @Dolcegabbana

Christian Dior was all things planetary this season and Raffia was not something they left behind either! From Raffia hats to Raffia + crocheted patterns, there was a farm-like vibe mixed with the city glamour. With rope belts and tucked in shirts, it was all very Earthy. On the other hand, Fendi took to a retro vibe while Anteprima went with tan dresses and Raffia hats.

Instagram @Dior

Another big fan of this trend was Oscar de la Renta, showing off ankle-length dresses to shrugs and bags, all made out of Raffia. With a crochet-like pattern, there were also floral designs and giant hats, that held all the beach vibes. Simone Rocha added Raffia lace on tulle, Koche went with hat additions. Meanwhile, Jil Sander showcased patchwork of Raffia and tassels to go on straight dresses and skirts.

IG @Oscardelarenta
Instagram @Simonerocha_

Moving beyond clothing, Raffia went beyond the conventional methods of weaving and took its place as both clothing and accessory trend. From Valentino, Gucci, Stella McCartney, to Jacqumus and Miu Miu, the Raffia was acing on all fronts.

Raffia Refresh

After the ramps takeover, it was the turn of the red carpet! From Olivia Wilde and Camila Cabello to Zendaya, Sara Ali Khan and Kylie Jenner, the celebs were all set to flaunt their styles. Whether it was bags or shoes or even hats (See: Hillary Duff), it was indeed the season of the Raffia.

Instagram @Garage_Magazine – Zendaya
Instagram @Oscardelarenta – Camila Cabello

The African Weave

Fashion is moving towards conscious, eco-friendly trends this season & we’re feeling inspired! Incorporating the weave structure of Raffia to gold, our range showcases the new easy-to-wear casuals for summer.

– Aditya, Jewellery Designer

So be a part of sustainability this year with a new fabric! Whether it’s a breezy beach look or a casual dress code at the office, it’s sure to be a comfortable yet elegant touch! 

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SS '20: The African Weave Work #TrendAlert
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SS '20: The African Weave Work #TrendAlert
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