SS’18: Live It Up in Lavender #Newcollection #Fashionfirst

Make way for the fashion wave, presenting our latest line of gold and enamel jewellery – The Lavender Collection!

For those looking to instil fashion into your everyday wardrobe, jewellery from our latest Lavender Collection is just what you’ll need. These are minimal, adorable (read: affordable!), easy to wear, and absolutely on-trend!

Here are a few tidbits about these lilac-hued wonders:

  • Borderless lavender enamel detailing – makes for a flawless finish!
  • Lavender is the hottest fashion trend of the season – will keep you on-trend. 
  • The floral motifs also represent the SS’18 ‘micro floral’ trend, as well – double deal, we say!
  • The designs are abstract and the floral patterns are stylised to complement your ensemble, perfectly – a win-win, ain’t it?

So, there you are. Go explore the collection here! And, get ready to be swept over!

SS'18: Live It Up in Lavender #Newcollection #Fashionfirst
Article Name
SS'18: Live It Up in Lavender #Newcollection #Fashionfirst
SS'18: Live It Up in Lavender #Newcollection #Fashionfirst
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