SS’21: 5 Chain Ways to Leather! #Styling

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“Leather in Summers? Why not? This Spring Summer 2021, leather has made a dashing entry, with all-new fighting spirit – styled in chain!

This Spring Summer 2021 has come with a ‘less is more’ approach. It’s more inclined towards long-term investments and quality over quantity. With this growing focus on buying better, leather makes a dashing comeback this Summer. Leather fashion this time is smart, strong and straightforward with a canny attitude.

Reinterpreting everyday classics into decadent pieces worthy of investment, suave is the new way to go! From Gabriela Hearst’s sumptuous midi dresses with puffed sleeves to Paco Rabanne’s A-line maxi skirts, it was a whole new experiment. Thanks to the history of this adorning trend, the runways were filled with leather worn as protective gear. 

Having said that, a thought comes to mind – How to style this beautifully interpreted trend in our day-to-day lives? We have you covered by translating this vibe – in chain ways! We have created this range in gold with chains that reciprocate the warrior shield frequency!

Thinking of summer’s heat and leather dress? Let’s check out how to style leather in all-breezy 5 chain ways!


#1. The Diva pants!

Bring on that classic diva style. Go Dua Lipa, or Madonna with classic leather leggings, paired with a skin-hugging light top for that fit physique look. Don on a stiletto plus Biker’s Pride Gold pendant, and you’re all set to rock on!

5 ways to wear chain leather

#2. Leather skirt affair!

Beat the heat, go for a suave mini version. Wear a leather skirt with a cotton top or tee-shirt for that breezy, effortless, chic look. Pair with Leather Weather Gold bangle, and that’s all you need for a day outing!

5 ways to wear chain leather in summer

#3. That dark dress!

Ah! Sounds hot – literally too. But we say, go for a breathable silhouette with scrunched-up sleeves or go no sleeves for that summer night out! Pair with minimal heels and Fiesty Forever Gold studs to keep your ensemble as airy as possible!

ways to wear leather in summer

#4. The Biker Jacket!

Here’s to the classic biker jacket! And why not? Bring on your biker chic vibe just like Hailey Bieber’s savvy street style. Pair your denim shorts with a light coloured crop top and add a light leather biker jacket. Plus some sports shoes and Chain Rebel gold necklace for that sporty sizzling aura!

ways to wear leather in summer

#5. Classic with the boots!

Another classic move – The boots! Bella Hadid is a total breezy summer vibe with her minimal yet huge and comfy dapper move. Replicate this chic look with your denim skirts paired with a spaghetti top and leather boots + leather essential bag for an all-and-easy look. Add on Chained To You gold hoops, which would be your perfect partner with this ensemble – all set to glide your way to high and comfy fashion.

5 ways to wear chain leather in summer

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SS'21: 5 Chain Ways to Leather! #Styling
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SS'21: 5 Chain Ways to Leather! #Styling
“Leather in Summers? Why not? Explore these 5 ways to style leather in Summers, with all-new fighting spirit - styled in chain!
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