SS’21: What’s in Your Bag? #DesignerDesk

Basic and chic, the essential bag is one of the major fashion highlights for Spring Summer 2021. Getting to know more about this trend and collection, we’re talking to our jewellery designer about her inspirations & more!

Becoming a fashion fixture in the 1880s and escalating to a daily essential accessory, bags have gained a special place in the fashion world. From travelling carpetbag to classic luggage bags, to hand luggage to now the fashion essential it is today – bags have seen quite an evolution! Prominent designers like Hermes, Prada, and Louis Vuitton hold the testimony of this rise.

This Spring Summer 2021, big baggy bags are back as one of the limelight trends. With its macro trend being Investment Pieces, bags are here to stay a long way! Resurrection being the core idea behind this, it’s all about letting go of the clutter and bagging what’s essential.

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From Versace, Balmain, and Carolina Herrera’s big and small carryalls to Balenciaga’s side-sling on relaxed suits – bags were THE most essential accessory to carry! Not to forget Prada and Louis Vuitton’s minimalist and simplistic approach. Big celebs like Taraji P Henson, Beyonce, Nora Fatehi, Jacqueline Fernandez, and many more were all set to go classy and invest in something long-lasting and “essential”.

With our Work Staple collection in gold, let’s check out what our designer Mahima has to say about her inspiration and her ideas while working on it.

Q.1. Let’s talk about the trend. What does it signify this season?

Answer: Historically finding their place in the 1800s, bags started as essential luggage carriers. Moving on became a regular fashion essential, as people started carrying things they might need even on a shorter trip. Although carrying a bag has always been a general behaviour more than it being a trend. But this season, it has come back again as a big fashion highlight, stemming from the idea of it being a big-time investment piece.

Its significance stays in the idea that it is not just a good asset to invest in but also long-lasting and works every day. Essential bags are not just a work accessory. They can easily go with your evenings and casuals too – Sooo Multi-purpose! And once, post-pandemic, people start going back to work, they’ll need a new fashion quotient that overlaps with the idea of necessity. I believe post-pandemic people will prefer to invest in pieces that are not only multipurpose but everlasting too. And bags always top that checklist!

Read about this fashion trend in detail here!


Q.2. Why the term “essential”? What kinds of bags come under this particular category?

Well, the name says it all! Any and every bag that is big enough to carry the essentials is an essential bag. From Tote to bucket, to box, any shape or size, and better if it’s nicely compartmentalized, is what we are looking at here. So, don’t think twice; just pick up that bag that has a good long life and has all the space to carry what you wouldn’t want to leave out.

My tip for choosing an essential bag would be “Bigger the better”! Bags are as significant as shoes. In fact, more than hats, as hats are not worn everywhere, you can’t miss out on a bag. It is essential indeed.

Designer’s style tip

“Bags never go out of fashion. And the ones that carry our essentials are here to stay whatever season it be. Invest in a bag that speaks your style. While you’re at home, add a chic piece of gold and diamond jewellery and be the star of that work presentation or that virtual bash.”

Q.3. Since the pandemic and the effective lockdown to a certain level are still undergoing, how does this trend and your collection become relevant this season?

As I said, bags never go out of fashion, whatever the season be. And the ones that can carry our essentials and be our go-to accessory for any purpose are here to stay! Now, the idea behind essential bags is not just that you would carry a bag while going to work. The core idea is it being an all staple and multipurpose accessory. The same goes with our jewellery, which is something so cool yet so staple that you can adorn it whenever you want, wherever you like.

Be it Zoom meetings or just a casual chit-chat with family and friends, this can never feel out of the atmosphere. If work has always been your essential, be it Covid or post covid, you cannot hold a bag while on Zoom calls, but you can certainly flaunt that staple and chic diamond jewellery as your statement. It just blends right like an everyday necessity.

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Q.4. What was your concept and inspiration while working on this trend, and how does your jewellery depict the same?

Since the shapes are not very organic, the bags we have worked with are fundamental and edgy. So, choosing from multiple concepts wherein the trend ranged from being staple and minimal to being spacious and a carry-all, we came up with this beautiful Work Staple collection. This collection is all about the symbolic aspect of how much your bag can carry. In this range, we have created this in gold and diamonds working around the lines of bag silhouettes. We have used diamonds to show the compartmentalization idea of a spacious bag, which inspires the concept of holding a basic go-to vibe! As I said, you can deck up a chic piece of jewellery from this collection, and it would be enough for your work meetings and can easily be your virtual party bling too!


Q.5. What’s in your bag?

This is an exciting question. I prefer spacious bags as I can never go without my stationery, electronics, charger, make-up kit, jewellery bag, toiletries and yes, a water bottle, which is highly essential ( I am environment-friendly too!).

I like my bag to be all set. So I choose one which can carry all my go-to stuff and still have enough space to add on anything else I need.

Listen to our Designer talk about this chic and trendy collection, here!

Check out the entire Work Staple Collection here!


SS'21: What's in Your Bag? #DesignerSpeaks
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SS'21: What's in Your Bag? #DesignerSpeaks
Basic and chic, the essential bag is one of the fashion highlights for Spring Summer 2021. Let's ask our jewellery designer about her experience and ideas while creating this Work Staple Collection in gold and diamond.
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