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Fashion’s Longstanding Alliance – The Wild Side Collection! #TrendAlert

If you are fair and sweet, don’t wear it  The word ‘wild’ surely evokes many thoughts and possibilities in our minds. For many decades, the phrase “to be wild” has meant uncontrollable, free-spirited, and independent, and the mood for this season is to party in expressive ways while remaining fashionable, and the trend is to stand out from the crowd by being extravagant, classy, and making a bold statement. It gets all exciting with daring outfits, sensational jewellery and creating that wild look, all while being audacious and loud.  The Wild Side Collection   In the wake of feminism, when women are no longer bound to just traditional norms, it is only fair that our accessories speak our stories aloud. At Melorra, this season, we have curated the accessories with the concept ‘Don’t wake the Tigress up’ which makes a statement about a bold, sensational, and unapologetic woman.   If you love…