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SS’21: Lounging in Double XL #TrendAlert

This SS’21, let your double XL be the face of your comfort! Slip in those husband’s shirts of yours, sippin’ that cold coffee, and make comfort your fashion statement. Ah! Went to look for that big baggy shirt? Go on! 😉 Call it ‘the boyfriend shirt’ or ‘husband’s shirt’, it is undoubtedly one of the most classic pieces in any wardrobe! Earlier in the days when ladies were allowed to wear pants for specific occasions like sports etc., the shirt wasn’t much promoted. But when working husbands were out and women needed to step up, they would alter their husband’s shirts and deck ’em up to go to work. If we talk about the origin of boyfriend’s double XL shirts’ fashion, “borrow” would be the word. The habit of women borrowing and wearing their partner’s big baggy clothing slowly became a big fashion trend. For this Spring Summer 2021, the…