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Decode her Fashion. And her Gold Jewellery too! #Valentine

We’re well into the month of love and Valentine’s Day is not too far away! Plus you’re still looking for that gift for her and the clock is ticking…. Getting the perfect gift for your loved ones is a task that men are not correctly equipped for. With numerous options available all around them, plus all the suggestions given by friends and yes, salespeople, all that’s left is a whole lot of confusion. Meanwhile, you’re frantically searching for that one thing, that talks about love plus packages the all your apologies into one. And there’s a deadline to follow too. No pressure. Narrowing the arena down for you, we’re definitely suggesting fine jewellery to solve your gifting dilemma. Forget the roses and the chocolates like every other year, but add something to her collection that she’ll cherish for a long time. And wear it every day too! Cause this Valentine’s,…

AW 19/20: Wrapping it all up – The Trends & Our Collections

As the winter slowly enters into its finale, we too are all set to lay down our Autumn-Winter wardrobes and all set to embrace the summer! While we have been busy with slowly packing away our winter wardrobes and picking out those light pair-ups, there’s a whole lot of nostalgia. The marshmallow days to snuggling ones, the weather and us both, aren’t ready to move on yet. And while the wardrobe is getting ready to bring in the summer vibes, there’s jewellery to go with too! With the change in season, we too, are all set to embrace the new fashion trends of the season and say goodbye to what was Autumn-Winter 2019/20. So here we are wrapping up our Autumn-Winter 19/20 collections in a bow for you! Here’s the highlight of our collections: #1. The Ivy League Collection The Trend: Preppy Reboot To start the season, the Gossip Girl…

AW 19/20: Alphabet Jewellery in Gold! #Enamel

Gold jewellery has always been known as chunky, expensive and, let’s face it, pretty traditional. But in today’s time when we want our jewellery to be as versatile as we are, who needs gold right? We disagree! ‘Cause now, gold, is also trendy! Moving away from all things gold has always been associated with, we’re all about bringing in the new. With lightweight, affordable and trendy designs, we’re bringing in change that you can add to your wardrobe, on any given day. Gone are the days of searching for fashion jewellery for your outfits! Because it’s time to include gold to your daily wear. Whether it’s for work, casual or that dance party. And blending in these three factors, we’ve come up with something new. Remember the time when we used to get those beads with alphabets? There was an entire trend of those and we definitely couldn’t get enough…