Coyote Ugly

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Dancing To Y2K Fashion With Coyote Ugly #Fashion Muse

From leather vests to low slung belts and bootcut jeans, Coyote Ugly was the epitome of 2000s Grunge Aesthetics. Now that Y2K fashion is back, perhaps it’s time to revisit this vivacious movie from the noughties! Low rise jeans, vests as shirts, chokers, animal print, Coyote Ugly, had it all! A movie about a young, fresh-faced girl shooting for her dreams had us all hypnotised. The film may not be one of the best, and the story definitely didn’t put women in a great spotlight. But one thing the movie did do great was its costumes! And now, in 2021, the 2000’s era-style has made a comeback. Not only are millennials embracing their teen fashion choices, but Gen Z is carrying the trend with absolute pride. So obviously, this month, the movie just HAD to be our fashion muse. The story follows Violet, a stage shy young woman pursuing her…