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Diamonds Daily: New Trends, New You! #newdesigns

Inspired by the latest trends from the global fashion scene, our super cool design team crafts 6 new pieces of jewellery every single day. The idea is to make sure that you stay on-trend, and have matching jewellery for your ever-evolving wardrobe. Along with everything trendy and fashionable, we are stern believers of the idiom – ‘good things come in small packages’. Hence, presenting to your new designs in our Dainty Diamonds collections. It’s dainty, it’s gorgeous, it perfect for everyday use. So, go splurge on diamonds jewellery like never before! Afterall, what the point in buying diamonds if you can’t flaunt them every day, right? Start your festive shopping early this year.  For the series of celebrations, soirees, parties and family get-togethers coming your way, we will be bringing to you a host of new collections and designs to jazz up your festive look. So, look no further, your search…

5 Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Diamond, Daily! #foreveryone

Jewellery should ‘always’ complement your everyday outfit, without burning a hole in your pocket! So, here’s our latest line of jewellery, the Dainty Diamonds collection – affordable diamond for everyday! Did you know that we launch 6 new jewellery designs every single day? Why? Because when your wardrobe can evolve on a daily & weekly basis, why shouldn’t your diamonds change too! Hence – 40 new designs a week! #1. Yes, Diamond can make you happy! The joy of wearing jewellery can brighten your day, every day! And who doesn’t love diamonds right? But, for too long now, diamonds have been considered inaccessible because of the hefty price tag they came with. But, not anymore! Our affordable price-range and easy-breezy designs make diamond accessible to everyone! #2. Yes, Diamonds can be pocket-friendly Your wallet will thank us for this – Our Dainty Diamonds collection has diamond jewellery starting at Rs 3800…