daughters day

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For Your #OneOfAKind Daughter!

This Daughter’s Day, celebrate your #OneOfAKind lil munchkin with the Alphabet Collection! Celebrate her uniqueness and show your love.. in gold! A special day to celebrate that special someone in your life is just around the corner! She’s the one that lights up your day like nothing else. A someone you love and adore to all your heart’s might. It’s time to celebrate daughter’s day and let your lil one know she’s #OneOfAKind! She’s sweet, and she’s adventurous, she’s smart, and she’s even a genius, she’s amazing! Daughters are one in a million, each unique in their own way. They’re the source of happiness for parents. Constantly bringing joy to hearts! She is someone that takes away your pain with just a glimpse. A gentle soul or a fighting spirit, she inspires you every day! So let’s take this opportunity to give back joy to these special lil ladies this…

9 Gold Designs to Celebrate Your Daughter! #Daughtersday

Among many “Quarantine stories”, one of our favourites are all the daughters stories that are making us go ‘awwww’! And with Daughter’s day close by, why not thank them for being the light to our lives amid this COVID chaos? Months back, no one had ever imagined that the entire world can go on total lockdown, all together! But now, when we’re all past that phase, in fact, still kind-of, passing out of that phase, we know that it’s been a journey with many troughs and crests. We have still managed to gather some interesting stories to tell & new hobbies that we never thought possible! And all that while under quarantine with family, friends and even flying solo. there’s been a lot of time for introspection and getting to know our friends and family, once again. Amongst all the chaos, there were daughters. From working out together to ordering…