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​6 Party Outfits to Match Our Embellished Denim Collection! #TrendAlert

Denim has always been an everyday symbol for STYLE! —–Ritu Kumar Dashing Denim is back with a Twist!  Denim is always special and our go-to fashion for everyday. With the 90s nostalgia hitting everyone we can see the splurge of denim in various styles, from top-to-toe denim to a hint of it in minimalistic looks, the jeans, jackets or tops  – Denim is in! Inspired by the casual trend, Melorra has created the Embellished Denim Collection. The trend of embedding embellishments like rhinestones, beads, crystals, and sequins on denim outfits relates to us, as a community coming out of dark times. So, add a touch of ornamented denim to your party look and get ready to rock the floors with your not-so-basic denim.  Dwell in a Denim World! The trend of embellishing denim goes back to the 1970s San Francisco and the movement against the dehumanizing effects of mass production…