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10 Diamond Styles for Casual Wear!

Can diamonds pair well with casual looks? Well, here’s a list of ten diamond styles for casual wear to embrace this Spring! It’s true when they say ‘Diamonds are a girl’s Best Friend’ because these sparkly stones can elevate an outfit to an unmatched level of sophistication. Be it a soiree or a workday, and diamonds add that one touch of elegance to any outfit. But sometimes, we wonder if we can perhaps accessorize with some bling for our casual ensembles? Casual is all about comfort, and while we all have our style to showcase a bit ‘o sparkling jewellery might amp up our style for some extra oomph. So while you’re nailing your style quotient, add on jewellery to go with it! So, here is a list of Diamond designs that work well with casuals. Ten Diamond Styles For Casual Wear #1 Opt for easy breezy with the Zippered…

How to Find Your Ring Size – Read On!

One of the most common questions – how do I measure my ring size at home/ or by myself? And often, we direct them to our (super awesome) customer support professionals, who would then walk them through the entire process of measuring their ring size, accurately. But we thought, why not put it up here for a quick read? With schedules jam-packed from dawn till dusk, there’s not enough time to visit retail stores to make a purchase. And with online shopping its all about convenience and multi-tasking today. So when it comes to buying gold and diamond jewellery for yourself, shouldn’t that be easier too? However, with jewellery, there is also the question of size (for some). After all, it’s not as easy as checking the tags on the back of our clothing! This is where we usually turn to Google. Whether it is finding out your bangle size…

10 Things to Know About Diamond Carats #melorraguide

Carat, simply put, refers to the weight of a diamond. Did you know tidbits like this about diamonds? Does buying diamond jewellery give you the jitters? Well, no need to be hazzled anymore! We are here with a line-up of infos about diamonds and diamond carats. Who doesn’t love diamonds right? But, there are so many parameters and details you gotta remember and evaluate while buying it, that it can end up being tedious. But, not anymore. We have simplified the so-called ‘instruction manual’ one needs to know while buying diamonds and reduced it to ten simple pointers. Read on, for everything you need to know about diamonds and the carats it comes along in: 1. The weight of the diamond is measured in Carats. 1 Carat = 0.2 gram, 50 cents = 0.5 Carat. Just about the weight of a paper clip. 2. Higher carat diamonds would be larger and…

New Arrivals – Micro Flowers Collection #FridayRefresh #Trendalert

Every week, as part of our #fridayrefresh we have a whole new bandwagon of jewellery lined up for you. This week the jewellery that we present to you is – cute, tiny and absolutely on-trend! Here’s introducing the fun, fabulous and fresh motifs of them all – ‘Micro Florals’. It is light, mostly bright, dainty, feminine, romantic and totally fresh! Micro florals – the ditsy prints work great with all kinds of silhouettes, and it compliments every body type. So, we added the teeny-weeny motif to our jewellery (on popular demand). Take a glance: And, now that we got you eyeing these petite print beauties – check out our latest line of ‘massive-yet-tiny line of jewellery – The Micro Flower Collection!

5 Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Diamond, Daily! #foreveryone

Jewellery should ‘always’ complement your everyday outfit, without burning a hole in your pocket! So, here’s our latest line of jewellery, the Dainty Diamonds collection – affordable diamond for everyday! Did you know that we launch 6 new jewellery designs every single day? Why? Because when your wardrobe can evolve on a daily & weekly basis, why shouldn’t your diamonds change too! Hence – 40 new designs a week! #1. Yes, Diamond can make you happy! The joy of wearing jewellery can brighten your day, every day! And who doesn’t love diamonds right? But, for too long now, diamonds have been considered inaccessible because of the hefty price tag they came with. But, not anymore! Our affordable price-range and easy-breezy designs make diamond accessible to everyone! #2. Yes, Diamonds can be pocket-friendly Your wallet will thank us for this – Our Dainty Diamonds collection has diamond jewellery starting at Rs 3800…

10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday

#1 Because you get to choose your conversation starter with jewellery. Especially when you have over a hundred of the latest, trendy designs at Melorra to choose from. So, speak your heart out. Let that light shine bright and let your conversations be as interesting as your jewellery. #2 Because… ummm….Affordable diamonds? We know, nothing works its magic on a woman the way diamond does! So, we stocked up and made it afforable! Incredible combo, right? We agree! So fierce on – Diamond jewellery determined to match the fearless woman you are. #3 Because your jewellery and fashion become your best introduction – Don’t you agree? So, pick generously – let your jewellery reflect and radiate your true self. #4 Because, you are the real deal girl? So, out with the ordinary and in with the original! Start your own style statement by choosing your very own trademark jewellery. At Melorra, there…

SS’18: Snap The Trend – Stack’em Up!! #stylefeed

The latest fashion trend on the block, endorsed by celebs, fashionistas and designers alike is – stacking jewellery (LIKE A BOSS!) It’s fun, supremely stylish and absolutely in vogue! Layering has been a massive trend of the season in the clothing genre arena and has now trickled down to jewellery as well, and we ain’t complaining! The rules of ‘Stack’em Up’ is simple – that there are no rules!! All you gotta do is pile on those bracelets, or mix and match bangles with bracelets or you are go on and wrap around one or more chains/necklaces on your wrist. It’s an instant fashion fix, every single time. So, here’s a rundown of how you can ‘Stack’em Up’!

10 Facts About 18Kt Gold You Need to Know NOW!

Ever wondered what is 18Kt gold? How is it different from 24kt gold? Have you ever been skeptical about the quality of 18Kt gold, its purity and the durability? Wondered why it is cheaper in cost and light in weight? Worry not, we’ve got all the answers lined up for you! Read on … #Fact 1 – What is ‘Kt’? Spelling it out – The ‘Kt’ in the 18Kt, 14Kt, 22Kt or 24Kt stands for ‘karat’. A unit that measures the purity and quality of gold. So, higher the karat, higher would be the percentage of gold. Point to note: Karat is NOT same as Carat. While Karat is a unit to measure purity of gold, Carat is a unit of mass used to measure diamonds and gemstones. #Fact 2 – What’s the Percentage? Let’s do the math – 18Kt contains 75% gold mixed with 25% of alloyed metal. 24Kt…