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10 Studs to Add Glam to Your Work Clothes! #melorra

Gone are the days of sober and neutral clothing attires for your work! With more and more women joining the workforce, there’s a new age of office clothing to indulge in! And even more so for accessories. Mazel Tov! With trends focusing on the modern woman’s clothing and her changing roles, there’s a lot happening in the fashion world. Women no longer choose to wear masculine clothing to blend in but would rather stand out. From striped blazers, monochrome pantsuits, shift dresses to casual brogues, highlight jewellery pieces and neat hairdos, it’s a new era of work styling. As office clothing changes, so does accessorising, shouldn’t it? That too, precious jewellery. A New Addition Adding on a new side to fine jewellery, it’s time to make gold and diamond jewellery accessible and convenient. And we at Melorra, are doing just that! While the synonyms of precious jewellery have remained expensive, chunky…

Be fringe-alious! – How to do the trend right? #stylistspeaks

You know by now – We can’t talk about our love for fringe, enough! Over the last couple of weeks, we brought to you, trend glimpses of the fringe-fashion obsession from around the fashion world – ramp walks to red carpets, boutiques to editorials, and finally – our very own jewellery line – The Fringe Collection. The Fashion and the Technique Fringe adds, both, drama and femininity to your look. So, what makes a fringe? A sequence of tassels, dangling baubles, tuffs, edging, trimming and even braids set in isolation, or together. This season, fringe is a mix-n-match of all these elements together or in combination. Fringe Re-imagined Fringe isn’t a brand new trend. But, what makes it stand out this year, is the bold and outrageous flavour it comes with. This time around – fringe is loud and out! Our jewellery too is a testimony of how outrageous this trend…

7 Types of Earrings You Must Know, Own & Wear! #Tuneyourears

If there is one accessory that stood the test of ‘fashion’ time, it’s got to be earrings, Hands Down! The sizes changed, the hues differed, but the presence of this unfathomable ear accessory has remained. Standing test to time – through fashion seasons and across wardrobes! These ear candies have had a fun fashion evolution too. Unlike any other piece of ensemble and accessory, they have gone from chunky hoops to minimal, mix-match to OTT! Earrings That We Love Too At Melorra, we love them earrings, that’s why we have over thousands plus several designs and various categories that we can talk about, all day long. Too Many Types of Earrings So, now that we have professed our love for earrings, in all their forms and glory, we are letting you in. Here’s a quick rundown of different types of earrings you gotta get your hands (oops! ears) on: 1.…