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AW 20/21: For All the Heart Reasons! #NewLaunch

The eve of love is close! Are you prepping up for your heart on the soirée d’amour? Coz’ we are! Yes!! You heard it right. We are preparing… For your heart!! Fringe Of Heart To being with… there is not an ounce of doubt that ‘Fringe’ was an unmissable trend this Autumn-Winters 20/21. This edgy and swinging fashion has swooned us throughout. This Valentine’s, taking inspiration from this very classy trend, it’s all about stealing hearts through those flowy trims. From western-inspired fringe jackets to dresses that have a reminiscent feel of the 1920s flapper, it was fringe all over and everywhere. With a little subtle and a lot of sways, contemporary designers and street style’s elite gave it a more thoughtful touch and turn. They brought clever accents while keeping the lineage alive!   How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. (Elizabeth Barret Browning) Art For…

AW 20/21: It’s Fringe-Style Season! #Styling

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Let’s have some FRINGE on the go!! This Autumn-Winter 20/21, you just can’t get away without having some fringy added to your wardrobe! While runway trends of Autumn-Winter 2020/21 are gradually making their way to the street style, one trend has specifically gained popularity among the masses pretty fast. And that is the – FRINGE trend! Fringes have been swirling and spilling on the ramps, red carpet and several OTT platforms this season. The designers and street style elites’ thoughtful take on fringe undoubtedly brought refinement to this trend. It won’t be wrong to call it, “adding clever accents”! From flaunting woolly fringe coats to long strands,  hemline add-ons to whatnots, fringe was flowing all around! From Prada’s revolutionary take on busting the “cliche’s of femininity” by adding silk fringes instead of gems and stones, to Givenchy zeroing in on fringes and feathers, these extra-long fringes…