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SS’20: An Ode to the Flower Power! #FloralFashion

Flowers have been a part of fashion since we can remember. From the Medieval & Renaissance Era to this month, florals are forever blossoms and a print that never goes out of fashion. An inspiration that crops up every year, pun intended – with every flower, leaf and even fern, holding different connotations. The designers too, are never bored of this print and come up with new ways to depict the season’s themes. Whether it’s a rebellion or an ode to the Victorian styling, there’s a flower for it all. And that too, featuring different styles and structures! Did you know that every flower holds a distinctive meaning? Here’s a gist of what the popular ones symbolize: Flower Symbolize Birds of Paradise Joyfulness, thoughtfulness and wonderful anticipation. Rose Romance, love! Daisy Innocence, purity and cheerfulness. Gerbera Belongs to the Daisy family and also connotes happiness. Lily The white lily symbolizes…

SS’18: Fashion Arrives in Small Packages!

Yeah, you read that right! This season, fashion is going beyond size and shape – about time huh? So, move over big and bold and make way for teeny-weeny printed magic! ‘Micro florals’ is here, there and everywhere – here’s all you need to know. A Brand New ‘Petite’ Personality Yes! Your summer uniform is here. So, here’s introducing the fun, fabulous and fresh print of them all – ‘Florals’. What’s new in that? Simple: this season the run-of-the-mill print is here in all its glory – but, with a brand personality – petite and a brand new name – Micro Florals. Endorsing this new arrival – social media, red carpets, chat shows, photo spreads are abuzz with celebrities, models and fashionistas flaunting these new florals. Ruling The Runways! Floral is a TIMELESS print, but as we have it this season, a specific subset of this genre of fashion print…