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AW21: 5 Ways to Get Your Frill On! #Styling

With frills taking over the runway and our hearts, there is only one question left to answer.. How do you style frills! It’s a trend beloved by many and with its roots leaning to the Victorian era. This season is all about the frill! From tightly ruched ones to loose and fluttery, voluminous OTT to minimalist crisp, frills are everywhere, in every form! The runway loved the, and so did the celebrities. And each put their own twist to the frill-o-tastic magic! Although usually confused with ruffles, frills are not precisely the same as the former. A ruffle is a gathered strip of fabric, whereas a frill works more as an embellishment while pleated. It may be a tiny difference, but this difference is everything to the ones who live and breathe fashion! So if you’re still wondering about the way of the frill, fret not because we have you…

AW21: Keep Calm and Frill On! #TrendAlert

Feel the Frill this season, as AW’21 gets frisky with some serious frilly business! From subtle neutrals to in-the-face OTT, gear up for the thrill of frills. Talk about Frills Autumn-Winter 2021 has a plethora of frills that await the attention of every eager fashionista. From decadent layers to even subtle, nuanced looks, it’s a frill-tastic season of flamboyance meets chic! A trademark associated with royalty, frills have come a long way! From Shakespeare to Simone Rocha, these crinkly and wrinkly garment embellishments have made their mark as one of fashion’s favourite love affairs. Designer Frills Frills were in abundance on the runway this season. Designers couldn’t resist dabbling with voluminous layers with their crackling crinkles! From Dior to Rahul Mishra, runways echoed with each designer’s aesthetic melded with this elegant yet extravagant trend! For fashion’s darling Simone Rocha, it was a mix of deconstruction with sheer frills for voluminous…