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Uplift & Uncliche Your Gifting Game! #Valentine

You gave a rose, you cut a cake… Aren’t you sick of this gifting roulette? Valentine’s Day is almostĀ here and it’s here comes the dilemma – the gift! The cards, the balloons and the cake have all been done with. And after all this time, do they really cut it? What would we do with a teddy bear? Play? In this time when, we, as women, always go for something we can use, it’s definitely time for men to update their gifting lists! While these gifts seem to be ‘cute’ and also last-minute pick-ups, we all know it gets old. After the usual bottle of wine, the cakes, the usual dinner and the hype of the colour red all around us, we’ve just about had it. Red is truly gorgeous, but maybe we don’t like it? Maybe she likes White. Or Green or something else entirely! So why shouldn’t Those…

The Gold Jewellery Care Guide for Summer! #tips

When there’s a beach vacay on the mind and outfits are good to go for the trip, there’s only one thing left to wonder – the precious jewellery to go with it. And even when that’s done, there’s the underlying question of how to clean your gold ornaments while on the go. With ever-evolving fashion trends that make us go gaga over clothes, we at Melorra believe in matching accessories with it too. And not just any, but gold and diamond jewellery that brings out the uber-trendy side of you. And with light-weight and affordable gold jewellery designs, we do just that. When it’s all about spotting your tan, it should be without tarnishing your gold jewellery, shouldn’t it? So while you’re getting ready for your trip to begin, here’s how you can sport gold jewellery without a care in the world! – And cleaning instructions. #1. Make sure you’re…