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Mood: Tie & Dye #SS19inspo

Tie & Dye makes a comeback in 2019 and how! Lighter shade of dyes with a few shades of neon made an appearance on the ramps. Also in focus were a lot of round concentric circle patterns.” You’re suddenly seeing tie & dye everywhere and it is here to stay this season. The new tie & dye reflects some symbolism of the past – that of a carefree and experimental spirit. However, this season, it is also a lot more subdued and elevated. If you’re looking for some tie-dye style inspo, just scroll down. While some called tie & dye a mark of being peacefully rebellious, others called it the perfect symbol of expressing your individuality, as no two prints can be the same! Go ahead and dip your style into some colours of this season’s tie and dye!

10 Reasons To Wear Gold Jewellery Everyday

#1 Because you get to choose your conversation starter with jewellery. Especially when you have over a hundred of the latest, trendy designs at Melorra to choose from. So, speak your heart out. Let that light shine bright and let your conversations be as interesting as your jewellery. #2 Because… ummm….Affordable diamonds? We know, nothing works its magic on a woman the way diamond does! So, we stocked up and made it afforable! Incredible combo, right? We agree! So fierce on – Diamond jewellery determined to match the fearless woman you are. #3 Because your jewellery and fashion become your best introduction – Don’t you agree? So, pick generously – let your jewellery reflect and radiate your true self. #4 Because, you are the real deal girl? So, out with the ordinary and in with the original! Start your own style statement by choosing your very own trademark jewellery. At Melorra, there…