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8 Notes to Beat Your Quarantine Blues! #StayHomeNotBored

The world is basically falling apart and there’s no silver lining in sight! Well, there is always some. All you have to do is look for it! So are you ready to find out?! We too, are going through the ‘argghhhhhh’ feeling and having all the blues that anyone can probably think of. Done with watching all the cat videos and have seen the “You’re All Caught Up!” perhaps 10 times already. Who knew, that one day, we’ll have This much time on our hands?! (Me neither, girl). So while we’re all being a little moody, why not actually come up with some fun activities that make us feel a little less blue-r?  Here’s what we suggest you can do: #1. Add a New Life Skill Now although this might sound really heavy-handed and there’s just the word ‘oh no’ roaming around in your head, we assure you, it’s not…