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SS’18: Fashion Arrives in Small Packages!

Yeah, you read that right! This season, fashion is going beyond size and shape – about time huh? So, move over big and bold and make way for teeny-weeny printed magic! ‘Micro florals’ is here, there and everywhere – here’s all you need to know. A Brand New ‘Petite’ Personality Yes! Your summer uniform is here. So, here’s introducing the fun, fabulous and fresh print of them all – ‘Florals’. What’s new in that? Simple: this season the run-of-the-mill print is here in all its glory – but, with a brand personality – petite and a brand new name – Micro Florals. Endorsing this new arrival – social media, red carpets, chat shows, photo spreads are abuzz with celebrities, models and fashionistas flaunting these new florals. Ruling The Runways! Floral is a TIMELESS print, but as we have it this season, a specific subset of this genre of fashion print…