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5 Reasons to Love Melorra!

From work to casual to party, Melorra has you covered on versatile gold jewellery inspired by the latest trends! Here are five reasons to bookmark Melorra as your fav jewellery brand that you can LOVE! What’s the first thing you think when you hear the words gold jewellery? Traditional jewellery, perhaps? Jewellery that’s heavy and bulky? Designs that seem more like what your grandmother would wear or better suited for weddings and the like? Well, you’re probably not the only one to think this way. When we think gold, usually the image of temple jewellery pops into all our minds, which, although beautiful, is more or so occasion-based jewellery. But is that really all gold can offer? Well, that’s where we step in! Jewellery to women is essential. It’s a finishing touch to any look! And for many, an everyday need! So why not everyday gold jewellery? Well, if you’ve…

What’s Your Excuse for Wearing Gold Jewellery? #AnyManyReasons

When you love jewellery, you want to wear it every day. To work, to your parties, to dinners, all of it! And then, any reason becomes a legit reason. J So, we opened up a cool contest Any Many Reasons for our followers and asked them to let the Predictive Text on their phones auto-fill the responses! There were some fun and unexpected responses for why they buy and wear gold jewellery, basis the most often-used words on their keypads. Read on… #1 I bought jewellery because… Happy days coming ahead… Or maybe, an excuse to pair up! This one’s our favourite 🙂 #2 I wore earrings because… A little gift to yourself… Or a pat on your back? Maybe, looking more put together? #3 I bought a gold ring because… A fashion-forward excuse? Traditionally, the narrative around gold had not changed in a while – from…