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The Gold Jewellery Top charts of the Season! #AW20

With winter wrapping up into its finale, we too are all set to lay down our Autumn-Winter wardrobes. Are you tip top set to embrace the summers? While we have been busy slowly packing away our winter wardrobes and picking out those light pair-ups, there’s a whole lot of nostalgia. The marshmallow days to snuggling ones, the weather, and us both, aren’t ready to move on yet. And while the wardrobe is getting ready to bring in the summer vibes, there’s jewelry to go with too! With the change in season, we too, are all set to embrace the new fashion trends of the season and say goodbye to what was Autumn-Winter 20/21. This gone season, AW20 trends have gone from Victorian to Leather to Weightless! Some of the trends have emerged top out of the crowd! So here we present to you our Autumn-Winter 20/21 Top collections that have…