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Environment Day: Act #ForNature

Climate change is real and there’s never been a more critical time to talk about our biodiversity! So it’s time we all take part in this movement! Nature is changing around us. From fires in the Amazon and the Australian jungles to growing global warming, there have been signs from all sides. Signs that we all need to take a stand and make a change. With more and more people supporting this cause, we all must take part in this conversation! This year, Environment day was about celebrating our biodiversity. What does biodiversity mean? From the smallest of organisms, the plants and animals around us, everything is a part of this. The preservation of biodiversity is essential for life on Earth, and this year, Environment Day is reminding us of just that. With 1 million species facing extinction, there has never been a more important time to focus on biodiversity.…

SS ’20 Eco-Conscious: From the Designer’s Desk

Sustainable, ethical, eco-conscious, are no longer just words but have transformed into what we call fashion today. Spring Summer 2020 gave us a whole macro trend of Climate Change. With designers showcasing their take on recycling, reusing and upcycling, it was about saving our environment. And more than that, it was about leaving a better world for our future generations, than just stories! While Vivienne Westwood’s quote of – ‘Buy Less, Make it Last’ echoed through, her collection included squiggly prints & mishmash shirting made from leftovers fabrics. Tiziano Guardini showcased his Atlantis inspiration with wavy patterns in cruelty-free silk and impressions of the sea.  On the other hand, Marine Serre incorporated recycled plastic for her theme. From accessories to clothes, everything was recycled. While all the ramps had a thing to say and contribute, we too were inspired to take a stand! So here we are sitting down with…