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AW20/21: Ode to the 80s! #TrendAlert

Little punk, little pop, add some hip, to the era of hop! This AW20’21, it’s time to live up the 80s. Are you ready to don up the retro vibe?! This Autumn-Winter 2020/21, the retro aura is back!! The age of yuppies, hip hop, punks, and exercise enthusiasts returned in all its whimsy prints, textures & layerings!! Talking about the ramps, from power suits to preppy styles, everything was in, and it was all about recreating the vintage look with a hint of eccentricity.  Ramps this season were overflowing with the punky and colourful vibe of the 80s. With brilliant use of lines on suits, Alexander McQueen nailed the abstract attitude of the 80s just right. Whereas portraying the oversized shoulder suits and big belts, Balmain created the work-to-caz look of the season.  Another collection, where if the palette read neutral, the silhouette itself was undeniably so at Isabel…

AW 20/21: Let’s Deco It Up! #TrendAlert

Eccentric prints and symmetrical lines, this AW 20/21 is all about flaunting unique colours and patterns! Are you ready to deck up the art?! With whimsical prints & lines in symmetry, it’s about flaunting unique colours, quirks & with an effortless vibe too. From Jellyfish motifs to geometric ones, there’s a print play in action. After enjoying its heyday in the 1920s and 30s, Art Deco has made a radical comeback. This Autumn-Winter 2020/21, not just the luxury interior design market, this Deco trend is dominating the fashion world too! Thanks to its elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, plus the experimental take by designers, the Art Deco trend has us swooning!  Let’s Deck-it-up! Bringing new winter energy, the Art Deco trend took over all the ramps and runways in a head-to-toe ensemble. From flaunting unique colours in symmetrical streaks to eccentric designs, this trend is bringing out an effortless vibe. This…

AW 20/21: Bourgeois with a Twist! #TrendAlert

Bourgeois has taken on a whole new meaning – it’s time for a little prim and some prance too! Make way for a classic-cum-fresh take on this latest trend! Bourgeois has been a major trend over the past year, and it’s definitely not ready to step back! Paying homage to this never-dying trend, this season was a combination of the old and new. With leather, frills, bow ties and spandex additions, Autumn-Winter 2020 has a new posh vibe to fall for. Parisian Look of the Cool 70s Kind! The ramps were all set to follow this Bourgeois look for the 21st century with their own interpretations. Celine, staying true to their Very Parisian styling paired short-suits with bow tie shirts and stockings. Chloe, on the other hand, added lace fabrics, broad belts over blazers and yes, boots to twist it up a bit. Saint Laurent’s collection was the perfect mix…