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What’s Your Excuse for Wearing Gold Jewellery? #AnyManyReasons

When you love jewellery, you want to wear it every day. To work, to your parties, to dinners, all of it! And then, any reason becomes a legit reason. J So, we opened up a cool contest Any Many Reasons for our followers and asked them to let the Predictive Text on their phones auto-fill the responses! There were some fun and unexpected responses for why they buy and wear gold jewellery, basis the most often-used words on their keypads. Read on… #1 I bought jewellery because… Happy days coming ahead… Or maybe, an excuse to pair up! This one’s our favourite 🙂 #2 I wore earrings because… A little gift to yourself… Or a pat on your back? Maybe, looking more put together? #3 I bought a gold ring because… A fashion-forward excuse? Traditionally, the narrative around gold had not changed in a while – from…