what kind of necklace to wear with different necklines

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Necklace Complementing Your Neckline #Guide

From a sea of necklaces and pendants to choose from, how do you figure what goes with what? After all, it’s all about setting up your style quotient! Check out this little guide to know which necklace to wear with different type of neckline! “Hey, hittin’ the club after office. Don’t be late.” Or “A new cafe has opened up. Let’s go for lunch there today!” New and random plans bring a lot of excitement, but with that also comes frustration. Have to rush out in 10 mins, and you are clueless about your outfits and accessories. Be it an impromptu lunch invite, a random bash, or just a hectic start of an office day – not being able to get ready well is sure a mood spoiler. After a quick shower routine, the 5-min make-up trick, and hogging the breakfast super-duper fast while packing your bag, what if there…