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Year 2018 – Make Way for the Power Woman

The time has come. ‘HER’ time has come. The millennial woman has arrived, and how! She is dressing up in solidarity; she is reclaiming control, her voice is now being heard, her style remains many – loud, understated, over the top or even subtle – but, she is POWER DRESSING to take the POWER back! Why now? Because…. #TIMESUP and she is saying #metoo! 2018: The year of power Now, more than ever, women are coming together and speaking up. And, fashion is matching this stride, step for step. With the red carpets at this year’s Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes celebrities let fashion, and their choice of dressing set a serious tone. Year 2018 – style along with substance is what the young, independent, sensible, kind, millennial women of today are leaning towards. From Hillary to the Suffragettes She made history, and along with her, so did her ‘white suits’…