World Emoji Day

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Discover Jewellery to Match your Emoji Mood #WorldEmojiDay

Why use words to say something when you can just emoji it? Emojis have taken the world of text messaging by storm, leaving everyone smitten. With text getting shorter and shorter, abbreviations are just not enough. The LOLs and the ROFLs don’t work as well as the laughing face with tears rolling down does (sometimes even when you’re not really in the mood to LOL, oops). These funky little characters are always to the rescue, even in the most uncomfortable of situations. Don’t know what to say? Slap in an appropriate emoji to avoid that abrupt end to a conversation. If only we could do that in real life too. So this World Emoji Day, we decided to pay homage to these little guys. We rounded up a few of the most used emoji’s and matched their whimsy with our jewellery. Read on to know which of our jewellery complements…