The Gold Jewellery Care Guide for Summer! #tips

When there’s a beach vacay on the mind and outfits are good to go for the trip, there’s only one thing left to wonder – the precious jewellery to go with it. And even when that’s done, there’s the underlying question of how to clean your gold ornaments while on the go. With ever-evolving fashion […]

5 Jewellery Innovations by Melorra!

Why shouldn’t Gold have some fun? Move over heavy, chunky gold jewellery associated with traditions. Make space for wearing practical pieces that combine fun and functionality. Here’s why we’re celebrating the Creative & Innovation Week! With changing lifestyles and our daily plans, it’s chaotic out there. But we all like to dress up to boost […]

What’s the Difference Between Carat & Karat? #knowmore

gold jewellery

When there’s talk about precious jewellery, two things come to mind – Chunky jewellery and Expensive! There’re also the doubts about weight, Karats, Carats, cut etc. And also – What’s The Difference between Karat and Carat!? We know it’s mind boggling. In India, fine jewellery has traditionally been a symbol of investment with conventional designs […]