The Art of Layering Gold Jewellery! #styling

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There are certain times when we all get confused about accessorizing. Whether those earrings go well with that dress or that necklace with that top. Then there’s also the question of layering up! There’s so much to figure out! That too, after you’re sure about your clothes.

We know it’s a task. We get it. And that’s exactly why we’re all up to help you style things up! When there’s a scope to experiment why shouldn’t you? Instead of going for single pieces, stack-up your jewellery and create a fashionista look that shows off your fun side. Whether it is a bracelet stack for your vacation outfit or a necklace one to go with your casual day out, the choices are many – And also uber-cool and chic.

And it gets even better when you can do that with fine jewellery! With our collection of trend-inspired gold and diamond jewellery, your accessories aren’t going to be a problem anymore. But will surely be the talk amongst your peeps. So while you’re updating your wardrobe with spring summer clothing, we’ve got your back for your accessories choices.

Picking up some of your every day dress-ups, here’s what you can try that’s totally up for style game:

For Those Weekend Brunches and Outings

From a movie plan to shopping sprees to meeting up your gal-pals over the weekend, there are a lot of things to cover up. Rest and rejuvenate is the mantra that we all follow and we dress up for it too! So don’t shy away from your accessories either! Perk up those off-shoulder tops or camisoles with a layering of necklaces that will show off your neckline. You can also choose to add on earrings and a fashion chain to go with your tees.

gold jewellery
Explore Gold Necklace Designs

For Your Dinner, Drinks and Dance Floor Plans!

TGIF is the key sometimes and dancing all night might be the plan. So why shy away from breaking free? Kick off your evenings with that LBD or flowy dresses and pair it up with a stack-up of rings that brings out the fashionista in you. Even if you’re in a denim-boot pair up, adding on bright enamel or mid-rings is surely going to pull attention.

gold jewellery
Gold Ring Designs

For Your Monday to Friday Schedule

From Monday blues to mid-week blues, there are meetings, schedules and a lot of deadlines to cover up. So while you’re dressing up for those, create a simple stack up of gold bangles or gold chains that wouldn’t come in the way. Pair up your tucked-in shirts with a couple of plain chains or go with a double-or-nothing bangle selection with your tops and tees.

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Gold Bangle Designs

When it’s Accessorizing for Travel

With minimal space and restriction-full packing, there are only so many things you can carry. So pick out the fine jewellery that is not only comfortable to wear at all times but also versatile. From your camisole-shrug-shorts pairings to your high-necks (whatever the weather calls for), stack on bracelets or bangles and add on a necklace for a highlight! You’ll be ready for anything after that, we promise.

gold jewellery
Gold Bracelet Designs

Special Dinner Date Plans or Maybe Just a Date

When there’s a date on the mind, that occasion does need some planning to do. Finding the right ensemble for the day and also the right accessorizing can be exhausting. So while you’re picking up the perfect dress, pair it up with a stack up of rings or bracelets or go for both (minimally). You can also choose to layer you with layers of chains with a broad neckline.

gold jewellery
Trendy Hearts Collection

So while you select your perfect outfit for the occasion, keep your accessories sorted out too! Stack or layer-up on chains or rings with almost any outfit and you’ll be ready to step out. With gold and diamonds bling-ing you up, you can’t go wrong! At Melorra, we make sure that you are always updated with your accessories and that too, for all your daily needs. 

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The Art of Layering Gold Jewellery! #styling
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The Art of Layering Gold Jewellery! #styling
The Art of Layering Gold Jewellery! #styling
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