Time to Shine Bright Like a Diamond #affordable #dailydiamonds

Unbreakable. Untamed. Sounds familiar? It’s not just you that we’re talking about, it’s also about your best friend – Yes, Diamonds!

Festivities are in full swing and there’s not a day (a meal in some cases) that goes by without indulging your sweet tooth! When new clothes, shoes and even the sweet-savoury tasting becomes a part of your everyday life, why should jewellery and especially diamonds not be a part of the celebrations as well?

Diamonds are for everyday!

Having said that, we understand how troublesome it gets when you have to don chunky jewellery during the festivities, let alone Every Day. Which is why we do what we do. We create everyday jewellery. Why? because, we believe that diamonds should be worn every day, for every occasion and with every ensemble. Hence, we create pieces that are light-weight, easy to wear, pocket-friendly and something that can become a part of your daily life.

Fashion Influencer Nishtha Gandhi flaunting her Melorra Jewellery

Breaking the myth of chunky and clunky precious pieces, Melorra diamond jewellery is minimal in design and perfect for your western wardrobe!

With Rihanna belting out her hit number – ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond’, let’s just say we’ve heard her – and you! That’s why we’ve made diamonds in all price ranges so that every woman can pick her own piece of sparkle and let her personality shine through it, every single day! Hence, we go ahead and create jewellery for your wardrobe that is not just stylish but also apt for your daily wear. We also make sure that these pieces are ethically sourced and certified by SGL and IGI, all in one shot and fulfilling your checklist, without any glitch!

Because we believe that Diamonds should be worn daily.

gold danglers melorra.com
Curves of Shimmer Diamond Danglers

When affordability to certification challenges all are sorted out, the only thing left to decipher is the style. And trust us, the options are plenty! With numerous settings available in our collection, pick the one that best suits all your requirements. We’ve put together the different styles you can find in our diamond jewellery collection so that you can make a choice that flatters your features in the best possible way!

Types of Settings:

  • Prong Setting: One of the commonly known styles, this type of setting is usually used in solitaire rings, nose pins, studs and pendants, where a higher carat diamond is used. With 4-6 prongs, the diamond shines the brightest and says ‘Look at me’! If you’re going for a minimal look, just add on a prong set ring or studs and you’ll be good to go.
  • Pave Setting: With smaller diamonds placed side by side, the sparkle is irresistible! Small prongs hold the diamonds in place, creating the illusion of a bigger diamond in a continuous design. Furthermore, this setting is at a lower price than the others – This jewellery will surely tempt you!
  • Surface Prong Setting: One of our favourites, the surface prong setting is used from danglers to necklets and even bracelets. Making jewellery light-weight, these cover the surface of the design with absolute perfection.
  • Bezel Setting: If you’re looking for an everyday piece, this is going to be your new amour. This setting holds the diamond in the centre with a metal surrounding, that keeps it safely tucked in. From dangling fringes to floral centres, there’s a wide range for your daily wear needs!
  • Flush Setting: A variant of Bezel setting, diamonds are pressed in metal grooves for a clean finish. These usually hold smaller diamonds paired with gemstones or other diamond settings, adding a touch of finesse.
Diamond necklace diamond jewellery
Dangle Triangle Diamond Necklace

Seems like we’ve lured you enough! So for those who are now bitten by the diamond bug – take your pick! From dainty pieces to high in carat bangles – choose a jewellery that defines you in the best way possible!!

Check out the entire diamond collection here!


Time to Shine Bright Like a Diamond #affordable #dailydiamonds
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Time to Shine Bright Like a Diamond #affordable #dailydiamonds
Time to Shine Bright Like a Diamond #affordable #dailydiamonds
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