Top 5 Must-Have Stud Earrings For Your Everyday Look

One accessory we cannot do without is surely Earrings

The history of earrings dates back a long way, around 5000 years or more. They were worn not only for decoration or as an ornament, but also for cultural and symbolic reasons. Earrings have had a greater impact on history and human lives than the eyes can see, from pirates to hippies and as a symbol to honour an entire descent. Again, earrings made of gold gained popularity as a symbol of great wealth and prosperity due to the Asian roots of the precious metal. 

Recent Times 

With changing times, the form and use of earrings as a whole have changed. Women and people, in general, have demanded some form of change from the traditional and antique heavy gold earrings, which resulted in the evolution of gold earrings over the years and the outcome is today’s highly versatile, lightweight and fashionable everyday wearable earrings 

Make yours or your special one’s everyday special by adding a non-tarnish able sparkle in their life!

Not only are today’s gold earrings lightweight, comfortable and affordable but they also do not require any special day or occasion to be flaunted. They can complement western wear and other casual looks that can be worn daily and are also perfect for office goers and party hoppers.   

Let’s take a look at Melorra’s own creation of simple yet elegant gold stud earrings perfect for such daily wear  

1. Button Down Gold Studs

The Button Down Gold Studs are yellow gold high polish earrings that have a circular motif with partial layering. This beautifully created 22Karat Gold Stud Earring from the Cocktail Suits collection makes a sophisticated yet powerful statement. The trend of layers is created with layers of gold and by combining the pant-suit layering with geometric patterns, it’s the new party look.

Button Down Gold Studs

2. Moon Tunes Gold Studs

The Moon Tunes Gold Studs are high polish gold moon-shaped earrings cradling a trio of stars; for the mother. These earrings from the Cosmic Print Collection inflict a feeling of comfort from them with their dreamy and cosmic vibe. They would go perfectly well with any plain T-shirts, tops or dresses.

Moon Tunes Gold Studs

3. Whirlwind Gold Studs

Inspired by the mysterious and beautiful deep-sea entity, the Mermaid Collection is a range of gold and diamonds that encapsulates the core of Mermaids, which is enchanting and a deliberate dive into the vast sea. The Whirlwind Gold Studs are no exception to this mesmerizing vibe of the collection and can gracefully compliment the flow of your favourite dress or skirt.

Whirlwind Gold Studs

4. Sophistique Edge Gold Studs

The Sophistique Edge Gold Studs are yellow gold earrings that have a square motif with cutwork in both high polish and brushstroke finish. These studs have a sophisticated look to them and the design makes a bold statement which is perfect for office boardroom meeting vibes or any formal gathering. They add class to your ensemble and pairing them with formals will make you look classier than anything else.

Sophistique Edge Gold Studs

5. Flowery Dusk Gold Studs

How can one forget the role of the magical element of romance in inspiring designs and collections which are close to the heart? Flowery Dusk Gold Studs are high polish gold studs from the Romantic Hearts Collection. Designed with a heart-shaped motif with thick edges and internally placed wedge-shaped cut-outs enamel in black, these studs can immediately capture the attention of the onlookers. When worn with a gorgeous black outfit, the studs can definitely provide a breathtaking sight.

Flowery Dusk Gold Studs

A Tale of Gifting to Buying for Oneself

From gifting to buying for yourself, earrings are an excellent option with thousands of designs from conceptually created collections which cover various areas of fashion trends and statements. Make your everyday a special one and contradict the mundane vibes by adding these beautiful pieces to add glamour to your style. So put away the thought of gold studs as something heavy, uncomfortable or something that is only wearable on ethnic occasions only.

Because the evolutionary and trendy transformed gold earrings are now opted by people of all strata. Designs are not only confined to traditional style but are so in sync to match the vibes and thoughts of today’s women. It is the perfect gift for the special women in your life as earrings are something so close and common to every woman. 

Explore the fantastically curated designs at Melorra and select all you want at prices that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

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