Top Charts: The Best of July! #Bestsellers

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Continuing the new and positive energy of the post-pandemic era, July saw a great zeal in celebrating through fine jewellery. Let’s check out the best of the bestsellers that you all loved!

The newfound positivity of post-pandemic days definitely makes up for a celebration. Celebration of any kind. And, within the comfort of our homes, what can be the best way to celebrate than SHOPPING! Even better, when it is of something precious, something long-lasting and something from Melorra! 😉 July saw a big-time fashion upgrade. With many new and amazingly chic trends on-ramps, and in streets, it was time to be trendy and optimistic. Adding to this lively vibe, we bring you here the best of the bests that you all have loved and pushed from Wishlist to Hitlist!

With close to 300 new designs every week, there is always something new for you every day! Here is the list of our top sellers from the month of July– the 10 most popular enamel, gemstones, gold, and diamond jewellery that are made for YOUR wardrobe. Check ‘em out before the best of July top fashion is gone! 


#1. Galaxy Glam Diamond Necklace to bring the diamond bling of the cosmos close to your heart! (Check out when and why this cosmo-inspired jewellery found its birth.)

july best sellers

#3. Picture Perfect gold pendant for the picture-perfect you!

july best sellers

#4. Gold Taijitu Gold Round Bangle with black and white enamel work for your “slay in B&W” days!

july bestsellers

#5. Extra Layer Gold Ring to complement the extra layers of work you put into making everyone happy! 🙂

july best sellers


#5. Sangria Twirl Gemstone Drop Earring for that ever-classy burgundy vibe – in precious gemstone!

gemstone earring

#6. Jolly Fringe Gold Stud Earring for your all-day everyday groove!

july bestsellers gold earring

#7. Glint A Flair Diamond Drop Earring seems to be an all-time hit! This one goes wishlist without a word.

july bestsellers diamond earring

#8. Hazel Hues Gemstone Finger Ring for the hazel dreams in your eyes!

Hazel Hues Gemstone Finger Ring Earth Tones
Hazel Hues Gemstone Finger Ring

#9. Who doesn’t love lavender? Check out this Purple Curl Gold Finger Ring in cute lavender enamel work on precious gold jewellery. What a combo!


#10. Blossom Lush Rosegold Gemstone Pendant. The name says it all! It literally has everything precious, plus the design definitely makes it all-time go-to jewellery!

july best seller precious jewellery

While your jewellery wishlist is almost ready, check out some more beautiful and chic precious jewellery here. Who knows, you might wanna mix and match it with something else, and create a whole new look of your own!


Explore all the latest collections here!

Top Charts: The Best of July! #Bestsellers
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Top Charts: The Best of July! #Bestsellers
Continuing the new and positive energy of the post-pandemic era, let’s check out the best of the bestsellers that you all loved!
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