What They Say & What We Hear: Traditional vs. Millennial

Whether it’s about the way we shop or about our style preference, there’s literally a whole lot of a difference between what elders say and how we millennials see it.

But when it comes to gold jewellery, where our elders tell us about investing in it, we millennials are definitely looking in the other direction! Just like fashion, we want our jewellery and outfits to be as versatile as our lifestyle. Whether it’s about a pair of studs for work or a bracelet that goes well with our LBD, it’s about adding gold to our everyday lives. And with the festive season nearing, there’s a whole lot of gold coming out of lockers for our elders, but light-weight, everyday gold styles for us! Here’s what we are hearing this festive season:

1. They say ‘card party’, we hear ‘Time to dress up!’

While everyone is talking about meeting other people and exchanging gifts, we are definitely thinking about all the outfits we’re going to wear. Whether it’s a card party dress up or that puja at home, we’re all about creating the perfect ensemble for all occasions!

2. They say ‘invest’, we hear ‘insta-worthy’

Gold jewellery has been a topic of discussion since forever. While others focus on investing in gold, we’re thinking of picking out fine jewellery that works on an everyday basis and surely insta-worthy! Gone are the days when gold was a part of our lockers, today it’s all about donning it all day and even matching with our outfits.

3. They say ‘traditions’, we hear ‘trendy’

Why should we only follow traditions during the festive season? Why not UnTradition too! Millennials are all about finding their own paths to celebrate and creating their own traditions. Whether it’s about a noiseless Diwali party with family and friends, taking a solo trip during the festive season or creating DIY lanterns to deck up home, it’s about bringing happiness to ourselves. And when there’s gold jewellery, which too, is fashion inspired and not traditional….is there really anything left to say?

4. They say ‘occasion wear’, we hear ‘LBD and bold jewellery’

Every year we pick out occasion wear that we only wear during festivals, just like our gold jewellery. So why not pick something that you can pair up for everyday wear too and that too, combined with comfort? From clothes that don’t itch, shoes that don’t cut our feet to gold jewellery that’s not heavy, we believe in choosing comfort over anything else.

5. They say ‘family shopping’, we hear ‘order online’

Family shopping, although fun, has some cons too. Whether its a fully-loaded car, different fashion choices or just the traffic that we need to beat. Millennials are all about ordering online with just a click of a button. And when you can get express delivery, there’s no need to wait too! At Melorra, we’re all about making it convenient for you. From Cash on Delivery to a Quick Ship option, gold jewellery is no longer going to take forever to pick!

6. They say ‘festive decoration’, we hear ‘fairy lights’

The festive season has always involved a lot of dia lighting, crackers and whatnots. But with the changing climate, the environmental issues and let’s not even mention the pollution it creates, there’s a lot that has to change. We look at all these and decide to go for fairy lights, recycled lanterns and celebrations without firecrackers to go easy on the environment. Because it’s not just about celebrating with family, but the world too.

So while it’s all about enjoying the festive season, it doesn’t mean spending big bucks or following traditional means to celebrate! This season, party like a millennial and that too, without the noise! Guess, who else will be happy about it?

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